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12 Ideas to Decorate Your Living Room with Flowers


Floral decorations have been present since the Old Egyptian Kingdom, with paintings depicting vases with flowers. Greeks and Romans mostly used flowers in garlands and wreaths, while Middle Ages either depicted bouquets symbolically or were greatly deprived of their floral beauty.

The Renaissance changed that, as shown by the artwork of that period, but it was actually in the 17th century that flowers bloomed to their full decorative potential. Thanks to exploration and colonization of other parts of the world, various new plants were introduced to Europe. This began a trend of including flower arrangements, regardless of how small or modest, in the interior décor.

Today, flowers are one of the embodiments of modern interior design. Their artificial counterparts embellish the walls, furniture, curtains, and artwork, but more so in the living area than any other spot in a home. The real flowers, however, will always have that special appeal with their lively colors, silky petals, and poignant scents. If you are wondering how to decorate your living room with flowers, the following ideas may have one or more perfect suggestions.

1.    Combine flowers with your plants

If you are a fan of plants in the living room then select varieties that will occasionally bloom. Having colorful flowers from time to time can be a temporary makeover for your décor and a welcoming change.

On the other hand, you can place a modest, minimalistic arrangement by your plants to pep them up a bit. For example, mini calas are elegant and discreet addition to any plant, even cacti, that will bring a sense of luxury. Choose flowers with soft colors and a sophisticated look, but if you can’t find one, a leafless white roses bouquet will do the trick.

2.    Create a timeless arrangement in your living room

Dried flowers are an ideal solution for people who don’t want to constantly care for their floral decorations. While you may still have to wipe the dust off them, you won’t have to bother yourself with watering, and pruning.

Globe thistle, starflowers, baby’s breath, larkspurs, and celosia are among the most lovely flowers to dry and keep in your living room. Making dried flowers is easy and you can do it yourself, or you can buy the ones made by professionals at the home décor stores.

3.    Dazzle with surprising displays

Finding a more creative solution to display your flowers may give your living room a fresher look. For example, tie several vials with string and hang them on the wall. Pour some water into the vials and place small bouquets or individual flowers in them.

Also, you can mix your flowers with candles and other items that will emphasize their sense of tranquility. Another out-of-the-box idea is taking a bouquet sponge, placing a grapefruit with canapé skewers in the middle, and sticking the flowers around it. It will give an unorthodox twist to the classic Hors d’oeuvre display and be fun for the guests.

4.    Make a floating arrangement

If you are dedicated to bringing wellness and mindfulness to your home, you can add to it with a floating floral arrangement in your living room. To start, get a shallow bowl and fill it with water. It can be made of glass, wood, stone, or any other natural material.

Then, cut off the flower heads of different sizes and place them in the water to float. Make sure not to overcrowd the bowl so you can see the surface of the water. For an idea, think of recreating a small lily pond, for example, that you will place by the window or on the coffee table.

5.    Try a more whimsical approach

Vases are classic and always trendy, but for your living room arrangements try something unexpected. Pick an item in your home that you can use both as a vase and decoration, like a sombrero. Waterproof it from the inside so the water doesn’t drip through the hat onto your furniture.

Soak the bouquet sponge with water, put it inside the sombrero, and stick flamboyant flowers in it. To break their strong visual presence, use greenery, like myrtle, eucalyptus, and fern. No matter if this floral arrangement serves as a centerpiece, or side decoration on a stool, it will leave an impression.

6.    Create a flower garland

Flower garlands are not a thing of the past. They are still a wonderful decoration you can put anywhere in your living room. Namely, you can hang it above the door, windows, and well above the sofa, as well as traditionally place it on the mantle.

Moreover, garlands are fun DIY projects and easy to make since you don’t need any special tools and any flowers will do. While you may see garland as a Christmas decoration, it may surprise you how good it looks in your living room on any given day.

7.    Go for something more exotic

Homeowners usually go for roses and daisies, alone or as part of the flower arrangement. If you want to break that pattern, bring something exotic to your living room, like ornamental cabbage or protea. Both plants have an intriguing look that will add an unexpected sensation to your décor. Because of their ornamental look, these flowers can give layers to minimalist design and a pop-up effect in traditional styles.

8.    Bring distant places to your living room

If you are hosting a country-themed party at your home, you can use flowers to decorate for heritage and culture, as well. For example, when ordering flower delivery in Melbourne you can ask for an arrangement with golden wattle. It’s a national flower of Australia with a sweet scent that will make the whole living room smell like summer.

In Tokyo, you can show off your flower arranging skills and create ikebana with the flower symbol of Japan — cherry blossoms. France’s national flower is the iris, so if you are having guests over in Marseille, its vibrant colors and luxurious shape can give your living room a dash of royalty.

9.    Choose holders that complement the décor

Flowers can easily fit in any décor if they are put in the right holder. For example, if your interior design is rustic, you can use a water pitcher for a vase or an empty bottle.

Geometrical holders will go well with contemporary design dominated by concrete floors and leather seating sets. Cottage décor is all about wood, quilts, and greenery, so a simple vase made of porcelain or clay will look amazing on the window sill. Just follow the flow of your interior design and you will easily incorporate the floral decorations into your living room.

10. Place flower arrangements on your side tables

Side tables are often neglected, so decorating them with flowers can allow them to stand out. Create several smaller bouquets and place them all around the side tables in your living room. To make them more impactful, complete the arrangement with embellishments, like crystals or stones.

If you are interested in being creative, play with epoxy resin to make various colorful items of different shapes and sizes. You can then use these ornaments to put around the vase or inside of it to make the flowers more vivacious.

11. Mix floral arrangements with other décor items

Flowers may seem like a beautiful decorations on their own, but they can even be more dazzling if you mix them with other décor items. Consider placing a small flower bouquet on the bookshelf or by a lamp beside the sofa. A flower arrangement on the piano or among the photographs on the shelf will soften the aesthetic and give it a warmer look.

12. Arrange them in smaller vases

One big bouquet is gorgeous, but having several smaller holders is even more satisfying. You can use glasses, mason jars, and any other glassware available in the house. Put one of these around the living room to surround yourself with flowers from all sides.

Even better, go outside and pluck flowers from your garden or a nearby park, but make sure to add some thin branches with and without leaves. Herbs, like rosemary, are fantastic for smaller bouquets to give them a wilder look and potent scent. Sage and lavender have cheerful purple colors and calming scents that will turn your living room into a cozy spot for afternoon naps and relaxation.

All in all

Using flowers to decorate your living rooms gives you breathtaking possibilities to improve the décor. While you can use design styles that promote floral prints, the real flower arrangements will add scents to the visual experience. Some ideas here are excellent DIY projects for creative homeowners, while others will bring fresh details to your space at an affordable price.

Furthermore, pay attention that floral arrangements fit well with your overall interior design and don’t clash with other decorations. The goal is to create a serene ambiance for you and your guests that will be at least charming and at most awe-inspiring.


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