3 Practical Office Layouts to Consider Before A Remodeling Project


Developing a new office, or even remodeling an existing one is not an easy task. After all, it is a big investment and requires a lot of brain storming.

No wonder, there are efficient and reliable office designers like Cime Décor in Quebec, and they can make this task easier, but don’t forget, some decisions rely solely on you. One of these decisions is selecting the best and most appropriate office layout.

Your designer will certainly give multiple ideas for creating an ideal office, but in order to make the right choice, you need to know a few office layout options. For this, here we have discussed the pros and cons of top 3 office layouts. Read about them, and you will definitely be able to make a more informed decision.

Top 3 office layout designs

  1. Cubicles

The classic old school cubicle setting is till date the most practical office layout for most businesses. If planned well, it can be one of the most effective way to use the available space, and don’t forget, it is pretty cost effective as well.

Compared to other office layouts, the only downside of cubicle setting is that it is just a little outdated. If you want to design a more modern looking workplace in low budget, open office layout is the better option.

  1. Open Office Layout

The trend of open offices has been in and out for years. When implemented well, it saves a lot of space and proves to be a comfortable layout design for the businesses with big staff. After all, no space is wasted in partitions and walls, and thus you can accommodate a greater number of desks.

However, employees who prefer working in privacy feel a little uncomfortable in this set up. Sadly, if they won’t be able to cope up with this office setup, it may curb their productivity.

  1. Private Office Layout

As the name suggests, private office layout is a design in which every individual has his/her own cabin. This layout is preferred by employees a lot since they get their private room to work and store their essentials. Nevertheless, there are three major downsides of this layout, they are

  • it takes a lot of space
  • it is pretty pricey
  • It makes accommodating new recruitments difficult

If you are thinking of remodeling your office, contact an experienced office designer right away. Keep in mind, and it is no way a DIY project. Besides, with the innovative ideas and years of experience, a professional designer will be able to recommend you some ideal office layouts.


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