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4 Things Around the House You Should Be Doing All Year Long


We think of many household chores as seasonal or something to do only once a year. However, the truth is that many of those tasks need to be done year-round for the best results. Here are four commonly underperformed household chores that you should be doing all year long.

  1. Watching Out for Pests

It’s easy to think about insects during the spring and summer when they seem to be everywhere, but a comprehensive pest control plan is a year-round endeavor. In addition to your summer mosquito control Manchester CT, you should be planning to keep mice and other vermin outside in the colder weather.

  1. Opening the Windows

While you probably won’t want to open the windows for long when it is sweltering in the summer or freezing in the dead of winter, it can be beneficial to crack them open for short periods of time. For starters, it improves the ventilation in your home helping to improve indoor air quality. It also gives you a good chance to check for wear, sticking or damage to the screens.

  1. Checking Outdoor Plumbing

Water damage can happen at any time of year, so you should keep an eye out for leaks no matter what season it is. If you live in a cold area, be mindful of pipes and well pumps that can freeze and crack in the winter. During warmer months, keep an eye on hoses and sprinklers for cracks or leaks. Even a small leak can quickly discharge large amounts of water and drive up your utility bills.

  1. Maintaining the Yard

This is another task that often gets put off for warmer weather. However, your yard needs attention all year. The fall is a great time to clean up fallen leaves. They make excellent mulch for garden beds and can protect tender plants in cooler climates. In many places, trees and shrubs do best when they are planted while they are dormant, which can mean in the winter.

Keeping up with your house is a year-round project. Watch for leaks, inspect and open the windows and use a pest control program all year to keep everything in top shape.


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