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4 Warning Signs You Need an HVAC Service Now


As a homeowner, you may try to push off certain repairs to a later date. There are some instances where repairs should be done right away. if you notice any of these issues with your HVAC system, it is a good idea to schedule a service right away.

  1. The Heat Stops Working

This is a sure sign you have trouble, especially if it’s getting cold outside. If the heat (or AC in the summer) stops working, you need to schedule emergency HVAC repair Baltimore MD to find out what is wrong. Remember, having a good working relationship with a service provider ahead of time can make it easier to schedule an emergency visit.

  1. You Smell Gas

If you smell gas (or fuel oil, depending on your system), you need to act fast to keep yourself and your family safe. Turn off the power and fuel supply to the HVAC unit and call in a service professional to find and fix the leak. 

  1. Your Utility Bills Are Too High

Certain mechanical issues can cause an HVAC system to run less efficiently and draw more power to maintain comfortable temperatures. That is why a sudden spike in utility bills without a corresponding increase in use or fuel costs could indicate a problem with the system. 

  1. Your Unit Is Making Odd Noises

Every HVAC unit will make some noises. It might be a rattle as it kicks on, fans whirring or the sound of air blowing through vents. However, if there are new or unusual noises, such as grinding or screeching, coming from the system, it is a sign of trouble. A professional can diagnose the problem before it affects your system’s ability to operate.

There are plenty of repairs that can be delayed; however, some of them need immediate attention. Unusually high utility bills, strange noises from mechanical systems or the smell of gas are all signs you should take action right away.


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