5 common decorating mistakes that you need to avoid now.


7 Major Decorating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Decorating a house is all about the things you do, the colors you choose, your taste in furniture and accents. Decorating a space is highly personal with a result of achieving a look perfect for the person. The aesthetics and comfort determine the atmosphere of an area, making it crucial for homeowners to pay attention to inevitable common mistakes that might occur during the home design process. You should also ask for expert opinion or browse through online resources like the Ambienti furniture page online.

Apart from browsing online for inspiration and guidance, the following tips, when kept in mind, can avoid inevitable common mistakes.

Starting the project without creating a mood board

A mood board is the starting point of any creative project, and decorating a house is no different. By creating a mood board, you showcase your inspiration, ideas, and preferences in one easily accessible image, slide, or board. It is an excellent help for a designer or architect and helps in understanding your style. Mismatched pieces can be avoided if a proper mood board is created.

Choosing the wall paint

Although you should have a color palette before starting a project, you should not have an exact paint color at the start of your project. Paint colors are available in thousands of shades, and you should first concentrate on the more significant and expensive pieces. If you follow a color palette, it would be easy for you to select a wall color based on your furniture pieces.

Painting a room without testing the color

While on the topic of paints, you should never paint a room without testing the colors. Colors usually oxidize and may look different after drying than how they looked in the bottle.

Repeating a fabric

Matching fabrics for the entire house or throughout a room is borderline tacky. You should opt for co-ordinating or contrasting materials to create contrast and depth to the office. With multiple options for throw pillows, upholstery, rugs, and everything else, do not be afraid to layer patterns and mix and match your fabrics.

Furniture against the wall

Putting pieces away from the walls creates a more cozy and inviting area. Particularly important in living and dining rooms, it is a common mistake that makes the room look smaller than it is.

Decorating a room may look like a daunting task, but by keeping the above rules in mind, you might be able to avoid a few common mistakes and create a magazine spread worthy room.


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