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5 Essential Steps To Breaking Ground on a Church Home


Is your congregation anxious to have its building? Are you ready to break into your church, welcoming new as many parishioners as possible? Creating your own religious house from scratch is a feat in itself, and your team must be prepared to plan and raise funds thoroughly. In the end, though, the result is a place of worship for people to congregate and celebrate. The following are five steps to help make that happen.

  1. Establish a Building Committee

A preacher leads the message, but the church is more than one person. When accepting this mission, consider asking several respected members to join a committee. Vary ages and interests of the group to ensure that different ideas are discussed.

  1. Discuss Funding Possibilities

Meet with your finance officers to discuss your current earnings and what you have in savings. A church costs money. What do you need to have to make this happen? Talk to lenders and the congregation about fundraising campaigns.

  1. Meet With Builders for Estimates and Drawings

Set up a time to draw up plans for your dream church. You should interview several places that specialize in architect services Albany GA. Find out what size church your efforts could afford and figure out different designs that you could consider.

  1. Work With Realtors To Locate A Plot of Land

Allow the professional realtors to assist in a land search. Talk with them about which places may work with your goals and be accessible for parishioners.

  1. Research Local Zoning Laws

Be aware of zoning laws. These vary by neighborhood and region, and you don’t want to get caught up with regulations. The real estate agent could aid in this information too!

When a small church outgrows its home, it’s time to move on and establish something bigger. This journey demands planning but could also bring great rewards.


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