5 Reasons to Opt For Wood-Effect Ceramic Tile Flooring


If you have been looking for the best flooring solution for revamping your home or new home, then how about the idea of trying wood-effect ceramic tiles? Being the preferred choice by architects and interior designers across the globe, these tiles are the trending flooring solution. If you are wondering why, here are a few reasons to opt for wood-effect ceramic tile flooring solutions from Ceramique au Sommet.

Wood-Like Look and Feel

With gorgeous wood-like ceramic tiles on your floors, you are sure to be the envy of your guests who have opted for real wood flooring. The common issues faced with real wood flooring is overcome in wood-effect tiles. So, you benefit from the aesthetic value of wood-effect tiles, while also shunning the common problems with wood tiles.

Low Maintenance

While the normal wooden floor requires constant maintenance and sanding or waxing treatments, you don’t need to worry about that in wood-effect ceramic tiles. All that you need to do as a part of the regular maintenance is sweeping and mopping twice or thrice a week as in the case of any other flooring solution. Wood-effect ceramic tiles are a highly durable option.

Cost Effective

If you love the look of natural wood flooring but are on a shoestring budget, your choice may be very expensive. A cost effective alternative to natural wood flooring would be wood-effect ceramic tiles. With this solution, you would not only get a flooring solution within your budget but also a highly durable floor.

Easy Installation

Wood-effect tiles are easy to be installed. You can get them installed without the need to take out the skirting. Further, it can be fitted on the same day of purchase. Unlike natural wood floors, they don’t need to be left for 48-hours before to adapt to the moisture content and temperature of the room.

Highly Durable

Wood-effect ceramic tiles don’t get easily damaged like in the case of real wood. They have stronger properties than natural wood. They are highly durable when compared to real wood. So, you would get a beautiful flooring solution without the hitches of warping due to moisture damage, scratch or discoloration.

With these many compelling reasons, it’s evident that wood-effect tiles are perfect for any room. Rather than investing in floors that are difficult to maintain, opt for something that could last long without any damages.


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