5 Storage Ideas for When You Plan to Renovate Your Home


There are two reasons why homeowners store their belongings in storage facilities. People are either renovating a portion of their homes or moving to a new house. When remodelling, it is critical to keep your furniture and valuables secure. However, there are methods to make it less challenging and stressful. The following are five ideas for carefully keeping your valuables in storage throughout the remodelling process.

#1 Allot a Room in Your Home

If you plan to renovate only a portion of your home, select a seldom-used room to store your things and furniture. Of course, it will not work if you plan to remodel the entire house. A spare room or a basement is an excellent storage option in your Singapore home.

#2 Leasing a Compact, Movable Storage

Since it allows you to take everything out of your house, portable storage is a popular alternative for remodelling storage options. Make the essential investigation for low-cost portable storage leasing in Singapore. You would probably need permission from your townhouse or condo association to store it in your driveway or parking lot.

#3 Let Friends & Family Hold On to Items

If you do not have enough space in your home, ask friends and relatives to keep your items while you rebuild. See if someone you know has an empty garage, shed, or extra space. It will allow you to save money on storage space rental fees, which is especially beneficial if you are on a tight budget. However, transporting these goods from your home to where they will be stored will cost money and time.

#4 Seek Affordable Storage Options

If you are remodelling your entire home, you need to factor in the expense of renting a storage space. You may store your furniture, appliances, clothing, books, artworks, and other personal possessions for as long as you need them at cheap storage space options around Singapore you can rent. Most Singapore storage solutions provide various unit sizes, allowing you to choose the best one for your needs.

#5 Enlisting Professional Movers

It can be challenging to haul heavy furniture and boxes, even if it is only to the basement or a storage container in the driveway. If you are afraid to handle this task alone, consider enlisting the help of moving professionals. They can also help ensure your items will stay in pristine condition. Request at least three quotations from moving labour companies for their in-home moving services. If they do not have their warehouse storage facility, many professional movers collaborate with affordable storage space providers around Singapore.

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