5 Things all dog owners should know about lectins in dog food


Do you own a dog and want to learn more about dog foods? If your response was positive, as a dog owner you should be aware about lectins. Proteins are also called as lectins and for made this they bind the sugar. Your dog is fine with them in moderation, but too much can be problematic. One of the issues that can cause is lowering your dog’s capacity for nutrient absorption. Since it is a lectin, gluten is troublesome, but lectins also pose other health risks.

In actuality, lectins are present in variable degrees in most plants and animals. It ought to assist you in deciding how to approach lectins about your dog’s diet. Let’s discuss the things all dog owners should know about lectins in dog food:

What are lectins?

Plant proteins are known as lectins, and they may be poisonous. In actuality, they serve as the plant’s defense system. Plants have various means of self-defense since they cannot flee predators. Some have lectins, while others have thorns or toxic fruit. If a plant has lectins, everyone who consumes it, including humans, animals, or even bugs, could become ill.

Proteins called lectins are glumpy and bind to carbs. Therefore, lectins cause the clumping of carbohydrates. When your dog consumes a lectin-containing food its substances search for sugars and carbohydrates in the body and latch onto them. Lectins are regarded as antinutrients because of this.

Where are Lectins?

All foods contain lectins, but plant-based foods cause the most issues. Legumes and cereals are the primary offenders. In legumes, lectins are present in peanuts, cashews, lentils, beans in lima, kidney beans in red, peas, tofu beans, chickpeas, and lima beans. Lectins are present in grains such as wheat, oats, barley, quinoa, rye corn, millet, buckwheat, and other lectin-containing foods. Choose the shop which offers fresh chicken for dogs.

What to feed your dog?

Emphasize a diet high in meat. Lectin levels are often low in beef. They also include a lot of taurine and other nutrients that are good for your dog’s health. Your dog’s food will be low in lectins if you currently offer it a diet that is primarily composed of raw meat. Keep in mind that, if you can, pasture-raised meats are the best. Animals fed an abundance of grains may have some lectins in them.

You can provide some fruits and vegetables without risk. They include vital nutrients that enhance your dog’s wellness. Feed foods such as organ and raw meats, preferably grown on pasture, grass-fed eggs, and wild fish caught berries, and dark leafy greens. To increase the energy of your dog, you can buy fish dog food.

How to limit Lectin damage?

Grain and legumes should be pressure cooked to perfection. Pressure cooking renders the majority of lectins inactive. Additionally, cooking in this manner facilitates the digestion of grains and legumes. Peeling and de-seeding any nightshade vegetables, such as tomatoes and peppers, before feeding them can eliminate most of the lectins.

A few foods can assist with lectin blocking. Many of these are also beneficial for dogs. You would glad to hear that dog diets containing glucosamine can inhibit lectins. You may already be giving your dog some of these items pig’s feet, chicken, duck or turkey feet, green lipped mussels, beef trachea, beef knuckles bones, oxtails, or pigtails.

How lectins in dog food can hurt your pet:

One of the most frequent side effects of lectin consumption is digestive issues. Again, this is their defensive mindset.  They deter eating by inducing stomach discomfort. That might only cause your dog to feel a little gassy, queasy, or have loose stools. The significant issues with lectins are these effects on the gut. With leaky gut syndrome, they can wreak widespread devastation on your dog’s body.

Bottom line

Finally, the above-mentioned are about what all dog owners should know about lectins in dog food. These are the key points concerning lectins that every dog owner needs to be aware of so they can adequately feed their canine companion.


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