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5 Things to Consider Before You Buy an Aircon in Singapore


An individual needs to know more about a product before purchasing it. If you are planning to buy an aircon in Singapore, you must learn about these five details that you need to consider. Therefore, read this article for more information regarding these five aspects.

Type of Aircon

The first thing you need to know is which type of product you should get for your home. Generally speaking, window and split air conditioning units are what customers usually use. The main difference is that the former requires a window to function, while the latter works by placing it at the top of your wall. Consider these two aspects before you buy an aircon.


There are various products available for customers to purchase depending on the size of their room. Measuring the floor area of your room is the easiest way to determine which aircon fits your needs. However, you may want to consider a portable aircon in Singapore if the place is small.


It can be difficult to sleep if your aircon produces plenty of noise. Therefore, you should check your options before you buy an aircon. You can ask the store to turn it on for you, allowing you to assess if it’s too noisy for your preferences.

Cost Efficiency

Remember that you are dealing with two kinds of costs when you buy an aircon – the price of the unit and your monthly electric bill. Therefore, you should check your usage frequency, cooling capacity, and Energy Efficiency Ratio if you have a limited budget.


Before you buy an aircon, you should ask your dealer about its maintenance. You should know that ignoring or postponing it can result in less performance and higher power consumption.

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