A Short History of the Adirondack Chair


If you think about it, Adirondack chairs are pretty remarkable. It’s an incredibly simple design that works in nearly any setting and has stood the test of time, having first been produced more than 80 years ago! Of course, the history of the Adirondack chair doesn’t start with its invention, but with its inspiration – the Adirondack Mountains themselves. The name Adirondacks itself comes from an Iroquois word meaning “eater of tree bark”.

The background and history of the Adirondack chair

On the shore of Lake Champlain, The Town of Westport is steeped in history. While in Westport, take time to visit the Adirondack Museum; right across from where the Adirondack chair was first made, you can learn all about the history of the chair and why it has become such a beloved symbol of American history and furniture culture. Learn more about its origins and how it’s changed over time. Then, you can tour a modern factory that makes handmade Adirondack chairs and learn about how the industry has grown through competition with similar furniture-making towns around America.

Modern styles of Adirondack chairs

Modern-style Adirondack chairs are constructed of multiple slats of wood. The seat may be made up of many flat slats or curved pieces shaped to form an integral, load-bearing seat and back for maximum comfort. These chairs are often painted or left natural; however, both options allow for more comfortable seating. Unlike traditional styles of chairs, armrests on modern versions do not move up and down; instead, they are permanently fixed at their lower height so as not to break during normal use.

Plastic Adirondack Chairs

Although the design has remained largely unchanged, there have been numerous innovations in the material. Just like wood, plastic is used in place of wood as a frame for chairs that are affordable and can withstand harsh environments or weather conditions. In most cases, these are recycled milk jugs that are used. These come with a variety of colors to choose from which means they will fit into any garden theme. With their bright colors and lightweight frames, it’s easy to see why they have become so popular.


The Adirondack Chair is a fantastic chair to last for a lifetime, as it is made out of recycled materials that are eco-friendly and save the planet – so you can be green while you live a luxury lifestyle. And although the entire chair can be made in your home, you can also buy them ready-made, usually at a fraction of the cost to make one yourself. There are many colours available depending on what you want to use the chair for; there are even adirondack stools to use around your deck or patio if it’s too high for chairs! To learn more about these great chairs and get plans for your own, check out our online store today


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