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All About Melbourne buyers advocates in Property Acquisition


Melbourne buyer’s advocates are professionals in the legal field representing clients in property transactions. Like real estate agents, they offer advice and strategies on marketing and pricing a property, as well as negotiation strategies with other sellers and buyers. Melbourne buyers advocate’s will help you go through transactions.

1. What services do Melbourne buyer’s advocates offer?

  • Discussing the best way of selling a property.
  • Providing advice on pricing a property.
  • They help in identifying and marketing the property to potential buyers.
  • Negotiating on behalf of clients with other sellers and buyers.
  • Delivering closing documents or representing them in court if issues require legal representation.

2. Why get Melbourne buyers’ advocates?

Buyers advocate professionals are highly trained professionals who value their clients’ trust when they entrust them with their purchase transactions which involve large sums of money.

3. What are the advantages of getting Melbourne buyers advocates?

  • The advantages of using a professional buyer advocate include the following:
  • Increased chances of getting a higher price for your property.
  • It gives room for sellers and buyers to negotiate work out alternative solutions or otherwise peacefully conclude the property transaction.
  • Protection from liability issues as companies has large sums invested in case one of their representatives is involved in fraudulent behaviour or other illegal activities.

4. What are the disadvantages of using a buyer’s advocate?

The disadvantages of using a professional buyer advocate include

  • You will have to trust them with your most important transaction, including financial, legal, marketability and media representation.
  • They charge a fee which increases depending on how complicated the deal is.

5. Who should be among buyers’ advocates in Melbourne?

Homeowners who want to sell their property quickly after moving out or switching to bigger or better homes in other areas of Melbourne, including the more expensive suburbs such as North Shore and South Yarra.

6. Who should not be among buyers’ advocates in Melbourne?

Buyers planning to sell their property within a short period, such as 90 days or less, and people who do not value the services provided by buyers’ advocates and buy property without adequate research on the market and its trends.

7. Who are Melbourne buyer’s advocates?

Professional buyer’s advocate companies include but are not limited to LJ Hooker, Property Vision, and Brumby Property Buyers Advocates, both in Melbourne.

8. How can you get a buyer’s advocate in Melbourne?

  • There are two ways in which you can get a professional buyer’s advocate:
  • You can search online for listings of buyer advocates in your area.
  • You can call a few agents and get their recommendations. Some real estate companies, such as the LJ Hooker, have internal buyer’s advocates who are interior and ready to offer advice.


If you plan to sell your property, Melbourne buyers advocates can significantly help you. They will represent your interests in all transactions to ensure you get the best deal possible.


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