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Benefits of Batt Insulation


Batt insulation, otherwise known as batt or blanket insulation, has been around for decades and is still one the most popular forms of home insulation. For any home insulation project, batt insulation offers a lot of versatility in that it can be used to insulate virtually every area of your home. Batt insulation provides an excellent thermal barrier and offers longstanding protection. In fact, it can decrease the energy needed to cool or heat a home by 50%. Here are other benefits to batt insulation.

Great For Soundproofing

For anyone looking for batt insulation in Pittsburgh, it is a great option for controlling noise levels. Batt Insulation works by trapping soundwaves before they can pass fully between exterior and interior walls. Insulation minimizes common sounds such as outside traffic, construction, and other neighborhood noises. On the inside, it can reduce sound from television, music, and conversation. Whether you are using batt insulation as a stand-alone sound proofer or in conjunction with other soundproofing materials, it is an effective way to keep your home quiet.

Save on Energy

Batt insulation is a great way to save money on your utility bill because it’s durable and energy-efficient. It is highly effective against heat loss because of its thermal mass, which means it could help lower your family’s utility bills by trapping hot and cool air inside long enough to keep everyone comfortable all year round. 

Batt insulation is a great way to save money on your utility bill because it’s durable and energy-efficient. It’s also excellent for soundproofing or to supplement soundproofing projects. Batt insulation keeps internal temperatures stable, which provides consistent comfort for your home. If you’re looking for an easy way to improve the comfortability of your home without breaking the bank, be sure to consider installing some form of batt insulation in one or more rooms!


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