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Best Practises for Cleaning Bars, Restaurants, and Other Public Establishments


The need for spotless, sanitary businesses has only increased alongside the expansion of the hotel sector. To protect the well-being of its clients and employees, these businesses must be spotless at all times.This comprehensive manual will cover the most effective methods for sanitizing eating and drinking establishments. Everything from the mundane to the profound will be addressed.

Routine Housekeeping Duties

Keeping a clean and sanitary business requires daily cleaning efforts. These responsibilities need to be met daily, either before the business starts or right after it closes. Some of the most important things to clean every day are as follows:

Scrubbing Chairs and Tables

After each usage, the tables and chairs must be wiped down and disinfected. Disinfectant spray or a moist towel should be used to wipe off tables. Armrests and chair seats should be cleaned thoroughly with a moist cloth.Pay special attention to high-traffic areas because they will require additional maintenance. Sanitising and Cleaning Restrooms It’s recommended that restrooms be cleaned and sanitized many times daily. Focus on frequently touched objects like doorknobs, faucets, and toilet flush levers.

Disinfecting Bar Tools

After each usage, a bar should clean and sanitize its equipment, including the glasses. To avoid the spread of germs, it’s important to routinely wipe down the bar and disinfect the faucets.

Cleaning Duties Once a Week

Weekly cleaning is as important as everyday cleaning when maintaining a healthy and clean business.

Washing Cold Storage Appliances

Clean and disinfect the fridge and freezer once a week. Take out anything that may go bad, including food or drink, then clean the inside with a moist cloth. To ensure sanitary conditions, a disinfecting cleaner should be used.Remove the leftover food, and then use a moist towel to clean the surfaces. Clean all surfaces thoroughly with a degreaser.

Cleaning the Ceiling and Walls

Dust and filth should be removed from the walls and ceilings once a week. Wipe down the walls and ceiling with a moist towel and a mild cleanser.

Chores are to be Performed Monthly

Deep cleaning once a month takes more time and work but is well worth it. However, they are crucial to the upkeep of a sanitary business. The fundamentals of a monthly cleaning checklist are as follows:

Cleaning of Kitchen Appliances in Depth

Deep cleaning is recommended once a month for all kitchen appliances. Air vents should be cleaned once a month to prevent the collection of dust and debris. Clean the vents thoroughly with a Hoover or a soft brush.

Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning

Deep cleaning your carpets and upholstery once a month can free them from grime and stains.

What’s the best cleaning schedule for a pub or restaurant?

Door knobs, tables, and chairs should be cleaned and sanitized at least every 2 hours. Sanitise bathrooms every hour or as needed.

What are bar and restaurant cleaning and sanitizing products?

In pubs and restaurants, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, quats, and alcohol-based sanitizers are used to clean and sanitize.

How to clean kitchenware?

Wash and rinse kitchenware with hot, soapy water. Chemical or high-temperature dishwasher sanitization should follow.

How should bars and restaurants clean floors?

After sweeping or vacuuming, mop floors with a cleaning solution suitable for the flooring. Before reopening, the flooring must dry.

How should restaurants and bars clean ventilation systems?

Professionals clean ventilation systems routinely. Cleaning ducting, air vents, and filters remove dust, filth, and other debris.

Cleaning and sanitizing gloves?

Personnel should wear gloves when cleaning and sanitizing to avoid pathogens and chemical burns.

Cleaning equipment maintenance: how?

After each use, cleaning equipment should be cleaned and sanitized. Following the manufacturer’s cleaning and maintenance guidelines is crucial.

What should a bar/restaurant cleaning checklist include?

High-touch surfaces, kitchen equipment and utensils, flooring, bathrooms, and ventilation systems should be on a cleaning checklist. The checklist should fit the business.


In conclusion, the success of bars, restaurants, and other eating and drinking establishments depends on how clean and sanitary they are kept. For all your cleaning needs in London, visit https://www.vip-cleaning-london.com/pub-restaurant-bar-cleaning/ . They offer a wide range of professional cleaning services for homes, offices, and commercial spaces.


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