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Best Real Estate Companies in Kenya 


In recent years, most Kenyans are becoming more interested in owning Land and properties for residential or commercial purposes. Realizing this, many real estate companies have emerged in order to ease for the busy popula

tion the process of acquiring this dream ownership. 

As for those who are venturing into Kenyan market for the first time as land prospectors, searching land online is not a guarantee of winning yourself a genuine deal.  

Knowing whom to contact whenever you need to buy or sell property or land will boost your confidence and ease your work especially when it comes to property location. 

Most real estate firms are located near major towns like Nairobi, Nakuru, Machakos and so on. 

Here are the top real estate companies in Kenya as of 2022.

Username is the fastest growing real estate company in Kenya.  The company is well- known for its affordable prime plots near urban areas in Kenya. The agency has been in operation for the last nine years settling both Kenya residents and Diaspora clients. This company has the best customer service experience as shown by statistics through feedback given by clients who have invested in them. 

Kenyans in Diaspora have a reliable way to invest in real estate properties back in Kenya. 

Their projects are always located in ideal places strategically near amenities that matter helping their clients realize quick return for their investment. 

They guarantee clean title deeds as they conduct property search with due diligence before involving clients to buy from them. 

  • Knight Frank Kenya 

The company is known for its plethora of property development opportunities. The company deals in both commercial properties and residential.  

Knight Frank always does the following: feasibility and search consultancy, project management, property management, valuation and agency. 

  • Villa Care Kenya Ltd. 

Villa Care  comes to the real estate scene to provide real estate and property management services to individuals,  private sector clients and government agencies.  The company provides exceptional services for both commercial and residential property management. 

They also provide real estate, land construction project management from start to completion given project owners an easy time. 

  • Hass Consultants

The Hass consultants have majored their operations within Nairobi metropolitan. They offer high quality investment development options,which in the end attract high rental returns and capital growth for investors.  Most recently, the Hass consultants also began dealing with evaluation of properties like hotels and businesses. 

  • Axis Real Estate Ltd

This is one of the real estate agency with excellent years of experience.  It is one of the company to trust and walk with during your search for property especially when in need of commercial plots. 

Axis offer comprehensive evaluation services and will help you acquire or sell land in condominiums or houses. 

  • Azizi Realtors

Azizi Realtors have specialized in offering prime properties in Nairobi and other parts of the country. They are very good in project advice and project location.

They are also responsible for sourcing out tenants for you when the need arise and ensuring there is no hassle for management of property by the owner.

The few real estate agencies listed above are what I consider the best to go with during your journey in real estate investment or when in need of a residential home.  

When it comes to becoming a homeowner near an urban center, always go with Username Investment ltd as they provide what you really desire. 


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