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Building Methods for Sustainable Development


The world is transforming at an alarming rate, more the industry of building and construction. Nowadays, people don’t just come up with structures but rather try to establish sustainable development. In case you are not familiar with the term, sustainable development is the use of special techniques to ensure a healthy environment for healthy living. Below is a list of some of the main building methods for sustainable development.

Use of synthetic roof underlayment

Most roofs used on buildings tend to attenuate with time due to harsh environmental conditions. By doing so, they become less effective in keeping the moisture out of the building. Carrying out major repairs doesn’t fix the problem long-term, and that is why considering changing the roofing method is crucial. Modular buildings are now employing different roofing techniques by using synthetic roofs. First, the roof can withstand harsh environmental conditions, and they are effective in protecting the interior of the structure. They also reduce the amount of waste from the environment, given that their main raw material is a polymer, which comes from recycled materials.

Use of Automated building systems with IoT

The integration of IoT and the Automated building system is an incredible way of controlling the buildings and ensuring they have enough light and appropriate temperatures. The system helps contractors to collect valid and useful information that they could otherwise use a lengthy procedure to access. By doing so, they are aware of how much light is needed as well as how to improve the temperatures in the building. They no longer have to carry out the readings manually. They thus end up having a sustainable development that would rather be hard to achieve.

Pre-making materials in a controlled environment

One of the main challenges that contractors and builders face is waste management. According to leading contractors who use techniques for sustainable building, it is evident that fabricating materials in an uncontrolled environment is one of the biggest problems. The shift in temperature and pressure when materials lead to more waste as well as errors whenever fabrication happens outside. That, however, changes when you start prefabricating materials in a controlled environment. It is one of the best ways to come up with superior concrete structures without ending up with colossal waste. What happens is that the delivery of prefabricated materials is done on-site. Once that happens, the contractors and builders have to do is install them.

Proper site management

Another useful, sustainable development building technique is site management. What does this entail? It involves managing the building site adequately to prevent some of the common yet hazardous practices. One of the primary site management practices is building silt fencing to avoid bad water from flowing to the stormwater sewer system and causing overflows. Workers are also asked not to smoke on-site as a safety practice. Mats are being used to prevent individuals from accessing the building with harmful chemicals like lead beneath their feet. With these proper site management techniques, the environment is kept safe. Contractors and workers are also able to develop quality and secure buildings in a safe environment.

Use of greywater plumbing system

Another method for sustainable development is by employing a greywater plumbing system. The technique guarantees a significant reduction in water bills and use. What happens is that water from your home, apart from that in the toilet, is collected, recycled, and pumped back to the house for use. That means that the water you use to clean clothes, bath and wash utensils doesn’t go to waste. The greywater plumbing system is going to see you use less than 50% of fresh water in your home, and this is going to reduce your bills significantly. It is also a great way of conserving water catchment areas and other sites where you get fresh water. It is the latest and among the best building method for sustainable development.

The future of the building and construction industry relies on building methods that are going to ensure sustainable development. These methods are going to ensure strong buildings are erected in a safe environment and without the need to pollute the environment. The practise ranges from site management, use of select environmentally friendly building products to the employment of automated building systems integrated with lot.


Infographic provided by Rock Solid Stabilization & Reclamation, Inc., a soil stabilization company


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