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Choosing The Best Lock For Your Company


No matter what form of business you manage, one of the most critical duties you must accomplish is to assure safety. While this can take different forms, locking doors is a simple technique to assure safety. You will not only ensure that no strangers access your facility, but you will also preserve all of the critical paperwork and supplies you store safely.

National Lock Supply supplies a comprehensive choice of business locks to assist your organization reach its purpose of safety. You can, believe it or not, pick a few more alternatives, each with its own set of advantages.

Cylindrical Lever

Because the levers can only be actuated with a single key, these locks are meant to be difficult to pick. Cylindrical lever locks are also used on certain business doors and cabinets, but they are more typically found in schools. These locks are typically more secure than ordinary pin tumbler locks, and picking them with the correct equipment can be straightforward.

Cylindrical Knob

These locks are easy to install and operate, and they give a high level of security. The cylindrical knob is fitted into a metal sleeve, which is subsequently inserted into the door. To lock the door, turn the knob clockwise, engaging a set of pins that prevent the sleeve from being removed. Flip the knob counterclockwise to unlock the door.

The cylindrical lever and cylindrical knob locks vary largely in two ways. Outside doors often use levers, whereas inside doors favor knobs, and cylindrical levers are more often used on exterior doors.


Mortise lock is an unusual term, yet you have probably seen these locks on doors in offices and classrooms. A rectangular box with an opening in the entrance is what it is made up of. A bolt, a clasp, and two plates joined by a spring are some of the smaller components in the box. When the bolt is out in this position, the door is locked and cannot be opened. In order to unlock the door, you must first use a key or knob to retract the bolt. As a result of its durability and sturdiness, mortise locks are frequently used on external doors.

Push-Button Latch

This lock is meant to be unlocked with one hand, making it perfect for those carrying things or having their hands full. Locks with a push-pull latch are similarly tough to pick and do no more damage than keyed locks. Because of this, organizations that value safety without sacrificing efficiency should use push-pull latch locks.

Which One Will Serve My Business Best?

Because there are so many possibilities, selecting on the ideal one may take time and effort. When making a decision, there are a few variables to take in mind.

First, consider how much security you need. If you merely wish to dissuade casual burglars, a basic keyed lock would work. Consider acquiring a heavier-duty deadbolt or electronic lock if you’re concerned about more determined burglars.

Consider the next door you’ll be defending. Different locks are made for different sorts of doors, so it’s crucial to select one that’s suited for the material of your door. If you have a wooden door, for example, you will need a different lock than if you have a metal door.

Last but not least, consider financial constraints. Locks can range in price from extremely low to fairly priced. As a consequence, it’s crucial to buy a lock that falls within your budget. The good news is that locks can be found in a wide price range, so you can choose one that suits your demands without breaking the bank.

When you browse for locks at National Lock Supply, you can view the many features that each of our locks offers, giving you a better sense of what will work best for you. Not only that, but you may contact our staff if you have any doubts about their security. Your search for commercial locks might lead you to our home security products. The items stored at your business location are priceless. Lock them up securely with a product from National Lock Supply.


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