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Common Eco-Friendly Pest Control Methods


Pest can be such a menace around your home. One moment you see a couple of bugs in your home or garden, and the next minute, it is a full infestation. There are several effects of pest infestation, including life-threatening diseases. Keeping this in mind, you have to take the necessary steps to get rid of pests on your property. One way to do that is through eco-friendly pest control methods. These pest management techniques are safe for animals, plants, and humans, with zero impact. Here are some common methods used around properties.

Diatomaceous Earth

This is a harmless powder made of crushed algae shells that harm the pest. When the powder comes into contact with the pest, it releases a lot of body fluids that lead to dehydration and eventually death. Interestingly enough, this pest is not toxic to insects but rather only harms pests physically. It is great for eliminating soft-bodied pests like aphids, thrips, ants, maggots, snails, and roaches. Still, this technique is non-selective, targeting all soft-bodied insects. Therefore, it might harm some valuable insects as well.

Use insectary Plants

Insectary plants are grown to attract beneficial bugs to your lawn and enhance biological pest control. Some of these plants include marigold, mint, and basil. They produce nectar and pollen, which attracts insects like bees. The insects can help keep some bugs away from your garden, especially when spoiling your plants.

Inspect Your Leaves Often

Another way you can control pests in your garden is by monitoring your leaves from time to time. If there are any discolored or unhealthy leaves, they are likely to attract pests. Do your best to get rid of such plants as soon as you notice them. Also, be sure to control weeds in your garden as they can also attract harmful pests. A healthy lawn or garden will hardly attract any harmful bugs.

Using Insecticidal Oils

The use of insecticidal oil as an eco-friendly way to control pests has been around for a while. The insecticidal oils suffocate the pests by cutting off their oxygen supply. The method is ideal for killing pests that are yet to mature or eggs. The oils can also affect beneficial insects, although they are not that toxic to them. Insecticidal oils are commonly used to control mealybugs, spider mites, aphids, and psylla. Make sure you follow the instructions on the label as the wrong application could harm your plants or trees.

Use Birds

It is always recommended to create a good environment that attracts birds to your property. For instance, something like a birdhouse on your trees is not only good for curb appeal, but it is also a natural way to eliminate insects. Additionally, you do not have to use artificial pesticides or fungicides that can be dangerous to your health. To attract birds, place some feeders around your property. The birds will be visiting your property and often help get rid of snails, worms, or other insects that can harm your plants.

Getting Help from Professionals

If getting rid of the pest on your own is proving to be problematic, get help from professionals. Nowadays, there are many companies using eco-friendly methods to eliminate pests from properties. A professional will inspect your property and choose the best approach to get rid of the pests without harming your plants, health, and animals. It also takes the tasks from your hands, saving you time.

There are many reasons to choose eco-friendly methods to eliminate pests. It is safe, minimizes your carbon footprint, and does not damage your landscape. If pests have started being a problem on your property, use any of the above methods to get rid of them.


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