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Consider These Factors Before Buying Land In Georgia

Buying Land In Georgia

You may have put “Georgia Land for Sale” into a search engine and found a certain plot that just grabbed your eye. This is a perfect place for you to build a house or to start a farm.  Should you just go ahead and grab it?

No. There are certain factors that you should consider before you do just that. Otherwise, you risk making a costly mistake. 

What About Utilities and Road Access?

You’re buying a piece of land with nothing on it … and you’re thinking of putting a house on it or a barn. You have spent a while plotting how every single thing is going to look. It’s an exciting time. 

But there are considerations – like is there an access road for you and others to drive to the place and have you set up utilities?  You need to talk to a municipality about that. You are also responsible for finding out how to get things like running water there.

What Were The Results From Surveying? 

This is an important part of the process too. You need to make sure that you know the full scope of the property and that you will not be erecting anything that would fall on a potential neighbor’s property. That could get messy and expensive. 

Get your land surveyed by a professional as soon as possible. Whatever the cost is, it could be a lot more if you don’t do it or try to just eyeball things.

What is The Condition of the Soil? 

Are you thinking of starting a farm? Do you want to grow things? You need to know if the soil on this property is ready.

Get the soil tested to ensure that there is no contamination that could affect things.  Also, make sure there is a good amount of drainage to keep from potential flooding situations.  This is another way to be proactive before buying the land. 

What About Zoning and Permits? 

There would be nothing worse than to build something on the land that you bought and find that there is no zoning permit for it. This is homework that you need to do beforehand. Find out if there are things like flood ordinances that could cause a problem.

Also, before you start building, you need to get permits for the type of construction you want. Otherwise, you could be fined. 

Georgia is a beautiful place and it can be fun to live on the land that you bought. Still, make sure that you do the above and things will be just peachy. 


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