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Create a Backyard Oasis With These 3 Landscaping Elements


Families are rethinking how they spend their free time, and many are finding that they are spending more time around the house. There are some improvements that can really add to your enjoyment of outdoor spaces and help promote rest and relaxation. The addition of a few carefully planned landscape elements can help create a special backyard oasis you will enjoy year-round.

  1. Privacy Screening

It can be tough to relax when you are worrying whether the neighbors are watching your every move. Privacy screening can stop worry in its tracks. Whether you opt for a living fence or a handcrafted garden screen, look for elements that fit with your lifestyle and how much care you are willing to provide for them over time.

  1. Outdoor Kitchens

Why settle for a plain old grill when you can have an entire outdoor entertaining area? Outdoor kitchens are showing up in more and more homes at every price point. They may incorporate features including refrigerators and wine coolers, sinks with running water, and gas cooktops that rival those found in top restaurants. You can find options that come preassembled or have a custom model designed for your yard for a truly unique addition. Include a spacious sitting area with covered areas for protection from the elements and you will be able to entertain no matter what the weather holds.

  1. A Water Feature

Water features run the gamut of design expectations and budgets. You might opt for a precast birdbath or small fountain for a soothing experience and to attract wildlife. Or, you might want to have a fish pond or natural pool added for even more aquatic options. Consider maintenance requirements and costs when making your decision so your new water feature doesn’t become a source of tension instead of relaxation down the road.

If you are going to be spending more time in your own yard, you might as well make it a place you can relax and enjoy yourself. Landscape elements like water features, outdoor entertaining areas and privacy screens can help.


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