Determining Metal Prints and Their Pros and Cons


Determining how to display your photo prints is almost equally important as how to snap your photos. Whether the photo prints displayed using canvas print or metal print, they can serve the same purpose of decoration as well as precious family heirlooms, always providing the memory of your happiest moments whenever you come back home after your work. The photo prints also are things which are admired by your relatives and friends who come to your house and they often not only admire the work you have done by displaying the photo prints but also admire your personality and taste. As books are not usually judged by the appearance of its cover, the people judge your house as well as the canvas or metal prints that are displayed on the walls as soon as they enter your house.

The metal prints are performed on a white or clear aluminium sheet and a special coating is then applied on the surface of the sheet so that the image is absorbed in the metal sheet. Once this is done, the metal sheet is then cut using a cutting machine. This cutting process is often dangerous especially if the process if DIY because they can be very sharp or if the metal sheet is cheaper variety. Then the image is put on top of the already cut sheet to transfer the photo into the metal sheet. After this, the metal sheet along with the photo is put to the oven with high temperature.

The photo is eventually put inside the metal sheet through high temperature as well as through putting high pressure. Finally, the photo print is then removed from the metal sheet and start the finishing process. The metal print finishing process comprises of several options like the canvas prints. The metal base both either white or clear usually works just like photo paper and are finished either in matte or glossy or satin. This is the reason why often brushed aluminium is used to show through. The metal prints in a clear metal particularly if it is a black and white photo appears vintage and modern.

The pros of metal prints are they are waterproof, so you can clean them easily, and they are fade-proof and scratch-resistant. However, the cons of metal prints maybe they are expensive, and it may shock you if you are visiting a metal photo print company. But it does not mean that you will discard the idea of creating metal photo prints for your photos. Metal photo prints work amazingly vibrant provided you have chosen the photos which have deeper contrast with vibrant colours. Even black and white can also work marvellously in metal prints in comparison to canvas prints.


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