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Different Drapery Curtains And Their Cleaning


Dirty Drapery curtains not only look unattractive but they can cause serious health issues to people, particularly with allergies. Professional dry-cleaning is one of the best cleaning methods for some drapery curtains like pleated pieces, wool, or heavily structured swags. You can also wash your drapery curtains by machine, hand, or simply brush or vacuum them. But it all depends upon the type of fabric.

Colorfastness Test Before Cleaning Your Drapery Curtains

Before cleaning your drapery curtains, always test the fabric to make sure it is colorfast. For doing so, you can pick a corner of the fabric and put it in warm water. Add detergent and notice if the color of the fabric starts to bleed. If the changes begin to occur, it is wise to take your drapery curtains to a professional cleaner instead of cleaning them yourself.

Instructions To Clean Cotton Drapery Curtains

  • Pre-Treat Stains

Unlike other types, cotton drapery curtains tend to show more spots and stains. Therefore, it is recommended to pre-treat those stains before washing them using a stain remover.

  • Wash on Gentle Only

Always wash your cotton drapery curtains in cold water with a mild laundry detergent on a delicate cycle.

  • Dry on Low Heat

Put your cotton drapery curtains in a machine dryer and turn on the low-heat setting. Remove them once they become 95 percent dry.

  • Iron When Damp

Don’t forget to iron your cotton drapery curtains while they are slightly damp. After that, rehang them and let them dry completely.

Instructions To Clean Synthetic Drapery Curtains

Some synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon should be hand or machine-washed because they can be degraded by dry-cleaning solvents.

  • Separate Colors

Wash dark and light-colored drapery curtains separately.

  • Wash in Cold Water

For synthetic drapery curtains, always choose cold water, mild laundry detergent, and a delicate cycle. Never apply chlorine bleach.

  • Tumble Dry

Dry your synthetic drapery curtains in the machine on a low-medium heat setting. Then hang them immediately to avoid wrinkles.

Instructions to Clean Silk Drapery Curtains

  • Hand-Wash

Immerse the silk drapery curtains in lukewarm to cool water with a mild detergent.

  • Rinse and Squeeze Excess Water

Keep rinsing these window dressings until the water is no longer sudsy. After that, place on a thick bath towel and gently roll to remove the water as much as possible.

  • Hang to Air-Dry

Hang your silk draperies anywhere to dry but avoid hanging them near any source of heat.

Instructions to clean Sheer Drapery Curtains

  • Soak in Cold Water and Wash

Put sheers in the machine with cold water and mild laundry detergent for 5 minutes. Drain well.

  • Wash on the Delicate Cycle

Wash your sheer drapery curtains in the gentlest cycle possible with a mild laundry detergent.

  • Dry and Reshape

Put sheers in a dryer with a no-heat, air-only setting along with one or two soft, dry terry cloth towels. Remove them while slightly damp to avoid wrinkling.

How Often to Clean Your Drapery Curtains

You may have to clean your drapery curtains once every 6 months. For weekly care, you can vacuum your drapery curtains using an upholstery attachment. Weekly vacuuming will significantly reduce the chances to trap allergens.


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