Essential factors facility managers to keep in mind for new construction projects 

Surveyor engineer is measuring level on construction site. Surveyors ensure precise measurements before undertaking large construction projects.

When starting new projects, the facility or real estate service managers are accountable for managing the formation of service level contract and also validating whether the work performed is of industry quality or not. The managers also should verify whether all-field contract and service technician work is accountable. 

The real estate management is one of the disruptive and stressful fields; the manager should see a complete project work, while also should know what to look for in a new project in terms of any difficulties, making sure the successful completion of construction.

Challenges involved 

One of main challenges in real estate management derives from miscommunication and poor planning.   If the planned construction is not going as per the track or if it isn’t fetching any good finished construction, then the manager should be open to necessary design changes or upgrades. 

It’s important to hold weekly staff meetings to review the ongoing process and take necessary actions for any unexpected issues immediately. The manager should work with the architectures, accountant, design team, and consultant to streamline the construction process. The facility manager may not be a construction expert and hence collaborating with other teams yield success. The other challenges to look include material selection, procurement timelines, scheduling and much more. 

Key factors to go through 

The industrial or commercial construction manager should focus on below key sections to make an informed decision. 

Inspection: Inspecting the on-going project to make sure that the structural integrity is in compliance with standard building protocols. You need to choose the right agency or specialized individual to verify the inspection work.  

Warranties:  During constructional process, some things may be procured at the cost of thousand dollars or more.  Hence, it is very important to cross check their warranties before purchase. If you are shelling out so much of amount, if the equipments do not come under warranty, then it can’t be replaced or returned, causing unnecessary budget charges. Do not go for the installation segment, if the warranty is unacceptable. 

Keeping stock of unused materials: You need to also consider restocking the leftover materials and extra supplies that may come handy in future projects. 

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