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Gains and pitfalls of concrete pools 



  • It can grapple with weather fluctuations and disruptions. They have the ability to resist both hot and cold climate, making it a hot favorite among pool users. You could be in Canada or a tropical country like India and still enjoy its benefits.
  • It’s sturdy as an oak, much like fiberglass. Concrete pools are scratch-proof, with higher durability in comparison to other pools. Families can enjoy the view for years to come, without having to worry about repair or degradation. 
  • It’s attractive and classy. They can merge into any picturesque landscape. It adds to the aesthetic appeal by adding a great finishing touch like tiles or pebbles.
  • They can be made to suit the whims and fancies of the customer. They make for an expeditious and unfussy construction project. You can choose to customize shapes, colors, and patterns on the tiles. Go all out and indulge in an assortment of features like designing how deep or shallow the area needs to be. The shell can be designed in any way whatsoever, granting you the freedom to choose any design or shape. It can also be reformed, following the limitations of the site. 


  • Concrete pools are more costly than its counterparts. This is primarily due to the sophistication of design. Communicate your concerns with experienced teams like Piscine De Mone sur mesure before getting started. 
  • It is undoubtedly a high maintenance project. Without sugarcoating it, concrete pools require more time and money. It needs regular upkeep and cleaning by best pool suction cleaner like the elimination of algae which can be a hassle.
  • Unlike fiberglass, it has a rough and rasping surface that can be acutely uncomfortable to walk on. The texture is a bit of a downer and there’s no scope for improving upon it. 
  • In contrast to fiberglass, it takes a much longer time to build. It could last for quite a few months because the setting of concrete alone takes a prolonged period of time. Fiberglass and vinyl liner pools take about a few weeks, while concrete pools take around 5 months. However, the end result is beyond satisfactory and it has the strength to resist almost anything which makes it wholly distinct and wonderful. 

There’s a lot of thought process that goes into the building of a pool. It’s vital to take into account the list of pros and cons before embarking on such a venture. 


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