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How To Avoid a Septic Tank Emergency


If you’re a city-dweller, moving to the country and using a septic tank is a big change. Cities maintain their water and sewage operations, but you must care for your septic system yourself. While septic tanks are very efficient, there are a few rules. Here are four tips for using a septic tank and avoiding an emergency.

Get an Inspection

If you’ve just bought a rural home, obtain a complete inspection of your septic tank. This will tell you how it is working, when it’s due for septic pumping Fredericksburg PA and if you need aseptic tank repair franklinville nj. Septic work should always be performed by a licensed professional only.

Mind Your Water Consumption

When septic tanks become overwhelmed by too much water, they can’t break down waste properly and may clog up. This problem is easily avoided by minding your water consumption. Do smaller loads of laundry throughout the week instead of all at once. Cut down on shower time and always remember to turn off faucets.

Use a Sink Strainer

Septic systems are easily clogged if you wash food or refuse down the sink. Using a strainer catches particles that can be disposed of in the trash. Also avoid flushing paper towels, baby wipes or diapers down the toilet.

Care for the Drain Field

A drain field is where water filters out of your tank and purifies before it’s absorbed into the ground. Always know the location of the drain field and never pave over it or park a car on it. A grass cover is usually planted here and provides good oxygen flow.

Understanding the ins and outs of a septic tank is easy. septic tank maintenance dahlonega ga is easy as long as you do your part. Ease up on water use and never put anything down the drain that doesn’t belong there. With these steps in place, you can avoid an emergency.



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