How to build a custom condo in a budget?


Condos are more affordable than a private home and offers better amenities than the average flats. Most condos tend to be bland, with standard fixtures, angular corners, and white walls. You’ve brought a condo that you wish to customize, but don’t know how to start? Well, it can look like a frightening task, but with the right approach, you can customize your space to your specific taste easily.

Here are few things that can give you an overview of the process, making you to get on the right track.

Planning is everything

You need to have a proper planning in hand to custom your two-bedrooms or three-bedrooms condos. Making a checklist at the very beginning can save you a lot of time. The checklist will also help you to determine your timeframe and overall budget needed for a custom home design.

Size and layout

One of the important things to consider while customizing a condo is determining how much space you’ve. You need to find out about any limitations on the height, as it can affect the size of the condo. Also, you need to think about how many stories you need – 2, 3, or split level, etc? You need to also consider how many bathrooms or bedrooms you require to determine the layout of the condo. While making the layout, you need to consider whether you need informal or formal living space, dining room, custom kitchens, kid’s playrooms, gym, and utility, etc.

Determine your style preferences

You need to understand your style to create a custom floor planning, color palettes and materials that blend with your personal taste. It’s important to have a clear conversation with the specialist or architects about your preference, so that they can easily fit in the custom layout design.

Invest in unique light fixtures

Lighting is one of the design elements that areoften overlooked. It’s a great investment because it’s functional and elegant. You need to pay attention to existing or default faucets and hardware finishes in the space. Get a decorative lighting, such as pendant light in kitchen area that can match your essence of style.

Talk to a professional and know your budget, before committing on the suggested design layout. If you’re looking for any customization and modifications in condominiums, you can get in touch withLipari Design for condos. Browse through the website to choose a design that that matches your style.


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