How to Clean your Bamboo Rug?

How to Clean your Bamboo Rug

If you’re looking for a new rug, but are unsure of what type to buy, then this guide will be perfect for you. It will consider the different types of rugs that are available, and which one is best suited for your needs.

1. Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Use an indoor/outdoor rug as a focal point in your room because it is bold and colorful. Also, since the rug’s style will not be suitable for all rooms, using this type will help you narrow down where to place it.

2. Contemporary Rug

Contemporary rugs are best used with modern décor, but it also goes well with other styles. It is the most versatile style of rug available for home use. You can find them in a wide range of colors and sizes.

3. Patterned Rugs

The pattern is ever popular in rugs due to its playful look that can give any room a lift. Although patterns will fade over time, the colors stay vivid for longer periods, so you have the opportunity to change your décor without buying another rug.

4. Vintage Rug

You can find vintage rugs at garage sales or thrift stores; the styles are limited, but they work well in country-style homes. The colors will probably not match your décor, so you’ll need to paint the room to get rid of the outdated color schemes before using this rug.

5. Jute

Jute rugs are used in home décor that reflects natural themes. They’re durable and affordable, but they’ll only work in casual rooms with simple patterns. The jute rug works well as a focal point because it draws your eye to the middle of the room. Do not use it as an access rug because people will trip over it.

6. Silk

Pure silk rugs are suited for rich décor that is elegant and sophisticated. You can use this rug in most rooms of your home because they match most colors schemes. They’re the softest type of rug available, so they’ll feel warm underfoot.

7. Bamboo

Bamboo rugs give your décor a casual look because the rug is made from an eco-friendly material. You can find bamboo rugs in different colors, so you’ll have plenty of options to match your style. However, they’re not as durable as other types of rugs, so it’s best to use them in low-traffic areas.

8. Area Rugs

Use area rugs in rooms where you need to stand for long periods because it’ll help keep your feet warm and reduce fatigue since they’re soft on your feet. You can use larger sizes to define three different zones of the room: living room, dining room, and bedroom. You can choose from a variety of sizes, colors, and textures.

9. Linen

Although linen is an expensive rug, it’s the most durable type of rug you can buy. It’ll last for several years, if not more, depending on how often you use it. When buying a linen area rug, buy at least two smaller sizes because the large rugs are difficult to clean or move around.

10. Hemp

Hemp rugs are not as durable as other types. They’re expensive to buy, but the price tends to drop over time after you purchase them. The hemp rug is made from an eco-friendly material that works well with nature-inspired décor, but the colors are limited because the plant only comes in green.

However, these aren’t the types of rugs. There are many more like mid-century rugs as well, which in fact, are gaining popularity. You’ve made it to the end of this post! We hope you found our guide helpful.


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