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  How to Enjoy Summer (Without Leaving Your Home)  


As various lockdown measures and health-motivated travel restrictions continue, a number of residents are ready to compromise their upcoming summer plans to ensure that, if unable to venture out to Mediterranean beaches, they will still have a great holiday period.

Those with garden spaces in their home are already at an advantage, which is partly why estate agents across the country have seen a significant shift in demand away from urban apartments and more toward rural homes with garden spaces or, at the very least, easy access to the outdoors.

While the idea of staying at home during one’s vacation might seem potentially depressing, there are a number of ways in which a home-stay period can be incredibly enjoyable, enriching, and even safely social. It might take a little design work, as well as a bit of interior rethinking, but it will certainly be worth it should we once again find ourselves having to isolate at home.

Create A Hobby Space

While a number of residents have already begun to establish a professional working space within their property, such as a private office, fewer have endeavoured to create a space that supports the growth and enjoyment of their own hobbies and interests.

Think about what you enjoy doing, whether that’s painting, learning a language, or simply watching films. Once you have your favourite activity, develop a dedicated space to enjoy it. By doing so, you will find yourself not only able to enjoy it much more readily but also taking it further, potentially developing new skills or even a new business venture.

Sunshine Resort

Whether your home is likely to bask in warmth and sunshine or not, your outdoor space can, and should, be designed in such a way that, when sunny days arrive, you’re ready to enjoy them. Additionally, outdoor spaces can be designed in such a way that, if encountering bad weather, one is still able to immerse themselves in nature and revel in an outdoor space.

The best way to achieve this is through an outbuilding, such as a summer house or cabin. Many are now converting their garden sheds, turning them into personal spaces of luxury, whether that is a space to cosy up inside during the rain or one to build with an open front for a patch of secluded share on a bright summer’s day.

Open Our Spaces

One of the biggest hurdles we face when being happy indoors over a long period of time is the distance we feel between our residence and nature. This is best epitomised by our need for sunshine and its associated vitamins and mood-lifting benefits. As such, it is important that our homes are designed in such a way that not only welcomes nature into our home but encourages it.

Large, unobstructed windows and an abundance of houseplants are a start, one that is becoming popular for those looking to improve the wellness potential of their living space, but much more is needed if one is to feel happier over a longer period of time.


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