How to Maintain Your Air Conditioner & Its Integrity


As the weather begins to warm, it has finally come time to replace your heater with an air conditioning unit. New Jersey will rapidly get hot, and you ought to always be ready to face the worst heat waves. While some people rush to the beach, others put on their air conditioners for much-needed and appreciated comfort.

Air conditioners may last for many years if properly maintained. Fortunately, the procedures to follow are straightforward, with many of them essential enough to be completed by hand. Employ both human work and assistance from Davis Heating & Cooling’s trusted air conditioning services in Flemington, NJ, today so that the season may pass without you sweating.

Clean the Filters Monthly

Air conditioners perform a variety of functions. One of these functions is to improve airflow by sucking up dust, allergens, and other types of pollutants. They do this by using filters, which can get blocked with time. When this occurs, your air conditioner will either not function properly or may overwork itself. To avoid this, ensure that the filters are cleaned and replaced at least once a month.

Depending on the type of filter, soap, and water may be sufficient to clean it. Certain filters, nevertheless, are not water-resistant and must be replaced. Please remove the disposable filter and tap it lightly to remove any loose particles. The filter should then be rinsed with lukewarm water and cleaned with a soft-bristled brush. After thoroughly cleaning the filters, allow them to air dry. If you have a reusable filter, clean it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Keep Your Equipment Free Of Debris

Obstacles can harm the outside of your air conditioner, including the filters. Leaves and twigs might clog the condenser coils and prevent the device from properly spreading heat. This is why it is vital to inspect and clean the coils regularly. Remove any dirt, dust, or other debris that has been collected on the coils. You can use a brush or soft-bristled vacuuming attachment to do this. Rinse the coils with water after cleaning them to remove any cleaners that may have remained.

Annual Examinations

Hiring an HVAC expert to inspect your air conditioner if you believe it is in good operating order may be counterproductive. Nonetheless, it might save you money in the long term since you can predict whether or not you will have a breakdown. Even minor problems can quickly escalate into major problems in a matter of days or weeks.

Davis Heating & Cooling is always thorough with their work, meaning that along with the simple filter cleanings, it can take on the more dangerous operations, often refilling refrigerants and tweaking wires inside the unit. Throughout their 20-plus years in business, their tools have evolved to become more effective, leaving you with fantastic and long-lasting solutions.

If they go to work on your AC and realize that it’s reached its limit, they will offer you a replacement from a top brand like Mitsubishi or Trane. Scared of the price, this might mean? Thanks to their wise bulk-buying technique, Davis Heating & Cooling can offer their installations at jaw-dropping rates. As an extra perk, their work comes with ten-year warranties, too!

After they help you out, you will be given some guidelines to help you manage your new unit better, reducing the same mishaps you might have made with your old device. As you can tell by their rave reviews and a 4.9-star rating on Google, New Jersey residents trust Davis Heating & Cooling!

Summer is about to start, so there is no better time to begin keeping up with the integrity of your air conditioning system. For a little extra help from a team who knows what they are doing, schedule an appointment with David Heating & Cooling today.



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