How to Prevent and Clear Blocked Drains


The blocking of a drain is not something to make light of. When they emerge out of nowhere while you’re having a shower or bath, they have the potential to cause damage to the drain, the shower, or the bathtub. Having to overcome these obstacles may make the rest of your day more difficult. In spite of the fact that clogged drains may at times seem to be unavoidable, there are, in reality, quite a few steps that may be taken to eliminate the possibility of their occurrence. In the event that none of the other solutions work, there are some additional things you may do to clear a blocked drain.


If the sink in your kitchen or bathroom often becomes clogged, think about purchasing a strainer to place over the drain while you are washing dishes. You may then collect any food pieces that may have dropped but weren’t thrown away thanks to this. If your kitchen sink has trash disposal, you must routinely clean it to prevent accumulation. A clogged kitchen sink may be quite unpleasant owing to the accumulation of rotting food and associated odors, as opposed to a blocked bathroom sink.

Since Rooter 66 is an expert at clearing blocked drains in both the kitchen and bathroom, they can repair any drain, no matter how jammed. Sinks and bathtubs may be used to break apart and remove even the most tenacious obstacles. These seasoned experts are unmatched in the food and hair industries. To arrange a meeting, be sure to contact them as soon as you can.

Snake Drain Use

Many people are unaware of the existence of drain snakes designed to be used in bathroom drains to capture hair before it may create a blockage. The majority of do-it-yourself handymen have used a drain snake to unclog a blockage at least once. You may simply prevent the blockage from happening in the first place by doing this. It would still make things a lot simpler for the Rooter 66 plumbers when they came to snake your drain, even if it couldn’t collect every hair in your bathroom.

Count on the Experts!

Even the finest safeguards sometimes fail to prevent clogged drains. Although there are many DIY drain cleaning techniques, calling a professional plumber is the quickest and most reliable way to have your sink or bathtub draining normally once again. If you call Rooter 66 for any drain cleaning services in Rialto, CA; you can be confident that your shower will continue to function as a shower and not a tub.

Nobody likes to have to do the unpleasant process of clearing a clogged drain on their own. The frequency and severity of such catastrophes may be significantly reduced with a little more planning and labor, as well as the adoption of a few preventive measures. If you combine that with the knowledge that you have a team of drain cleaners on your side, such as Rooter 66 , you can be confident that the thought of foul-smelling, dirty, and blocked drains will be the very last thing on your mind the next time you step into the shower.


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