Important Things to Ask Kitchen Cabinet Maker


What is a cabinet?

A cabinet is box shaped furniture that has drawers and doors for storing various items. Some cabinets are built in walls or affixed to the walls like medicine cabinets while others stand alone. They are basically made up of wood, but nowadays synthetic material-based cabinets are also very popular in the market. Commercial grade cabinets are also available in the market which are made up of different types of materials, and they are called casework. In front of the cabinets there are one or more doors. They are mounted door hardware.  Some cabinets consist of both doors and drawers whereas some have drawers only. Some short cabinets come with a finished surface on its top which can be used as a working surface such as counter tops or for display.

Necessary steps for kitchen cabinet installation

Here are some important steps that one should follow while kitchen cabinet installation:

  • Contact with a professional – When you think of installing a kitchen cabinet, the first and foremost thing to do is to meet a skilled professional. When you meet the cabinet maker professional, exchange your ideas and thoughts, your likes, and dislikes. This will help them to design the kitchen cabinet of your dreams. After receiving the full information from you they will prepare their written quote, which they will send you via fax, email, or post.
  • Final measurement – If you are happy with their quotes and ready to go ahead then the professionals will come to your place to take the final measurement of your kitchen. The best professionals come along with you to take the measurement to present you with a trendy, functional and affordable kitchen. This step is really important as you are going to use this kitchen for years. So, it should give you a satisfying experience and must have a practical design. The kitchen must contain enough storage space which is easily accessible, handy and attractive appliances etc.
  • Job confirmation form – After you finalize the measurement, the materials and colors for your kitchen you must fill up this form. This confirmation form is for the client and the company so that both the parties have a clear understanding, and the work can be done in a smoother way.
  • Tradition building – To customize your kitchen you get both modern technology as well as traditional look along with the quality craftsmanship from the companies. The best hardware and materials in the market are used to build your kitchen so that it lasts for a long time.
  • Installation – The last step is the installation. Installation is done very carefully so that every part is placed correctly. Installation plays a vital role in building a beautiful kitchen. The main idea of these companies is to provide you with a satisfying and enjoyable experience with their completed project.

Some important questions to ask your cabinet maker.

While planning for your kitchen there are some common and very important questions that you should ask your cabinet maker? The questions are:

  • What material will be used by the cabinet makers? The most durable material for the cabinet boxes is solid wood core plywood and for the face frames it is solid hardwood. So never compromise for particle board boxes.
  • How will they assemble the kitchen cabinets? Never settle for cheaply stapled cases without glue. They will fall apart and are not at all durable. Use pocket screws and face nails instead.
  • How are the slide out shelves and drawers made? Solid wood is the best for cabinet slides and dovetailed drawers for making the cabinet drawers.

What about understanding the utilities of hardware in making a good cabinet? The best hardware is under mount soft close for cabinet making. If the hardware is good, then you can easily access the doors and drawers of your kitchen cabinet. Using quality hardware is better than cheap one as they will last for a long period of time. For better options, you can search for a kitchen cabinet maker from several online retail shops.


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