Interesting and Fascinating Facts About Garage and Garage Doors


You must have never thought of anything that may be fun and interesting about your garage doors because they are so commonly as well as necessarily used on a daily basis. But do you know the origin of the word “garage” and the real meaning of the word and why and how this word was used for keeping your vehicle? The word “garage” was not there in the English language until 1902 when it was from the French word “garer” meaning shelter. The word “garage” came into existence or use when people started building garages for sheltering their vehicles. Initially, the car sheltering places were called “carriage house” which was in relation to the horse-drawn carriages. In fact, the word “motor house” was used initially before the word “garage” was introduced in England. Get in touch with Premium garage doors in order to avail all types of garage door services along with the different type of garage doors and their parts.

Do you know which is the oldest garage still existing the world? It is a motor house in the UK in Southport Lancashire which is claimed to be the oldest garage in the world. This was discussed in one of the issues of “The Autocar” in the year 1899 in October. One more fascinating fact about the garage door is, as per a study, more than 70% houses which have garage doors, the people typically use garage entrance instead of the main front entrance to enter and exit from the house. This may beindirectly focuses the garage doors in order to divert the attention of intruders.

Garage doors are so common just like other doors of the house that nobody ever cares about the fact that one day or the other somebody must have invented the garage door. As far as the doors in the houses are concerned they have perhaps evolved with cave closing stones in the stone age. But garage doors must have come much later particularly with the use of carriages ormotor vehicles. However, C. G. Johnson co-invented the overhead garage doors versus swing-out carriage-style doors in 1921 and demonstrated them at the New York automobile show in 1923. In addition to this, C. G. Johnson also developed the first garage door opener due to an interesting fact as he got frustrated with the difficulties of opening the garage door manually and thus invented the contemporary garage door opener.


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