Introducing luxurious hand-woven rugs for a glam look


Are you thinking about something hand-woven and glamorous for your home at a low price? Or  You want your house to give a stylish and glam look? The environment around you says a lot about you. Everyone wants his/her place to look colorful and stylish that it may appeal to the person entering the place. 

ITC natural luxury flooring is providing you a vast range of handwoven viscose rugs. These hand-woven viscose rugs come in an extensive range with numerous styles and colors. These hand-woven viscose rugs give your house or office a stylish, glassy and glam look. 

Viscose rugs are produced by using pure viscose that is a synthetic fiber originated from the wood pulp. Their lovely glaze, glam, and color make them unique.  These hand-woven viscose rugs give your house or office a stunning and glamorous look. You can use viscose rugs both in your house and at places like offices. 

3 Basic benefits of viscose rugs:


You will hardlydiscover anything soft and smooth other than a hand-woven viscose rug. Also, viscose rugs are as warm as wool so these viscose carpets are going to provide you warmth during winters. The velvety and silky touch of viscose rugs gives your house a luxurious atmosphere.


One of the basic advantages of choosing a viscose rug is its unique style, shine, and its unique design. Viscose comes in various textures and colors, so you can match your rugs with your decor. 

The silky look of these rugs gives your place a glam look. Some of these rugs come in velvety look which looks luxurious and stylish. Due to their stunninglook, viscose rugs are ideal for decorative area rugs in your homes and offices. 

These rugs also come as viscose area rugs that can be used in indoor areas or outdoors. Read more here.


One other advantage of these rugs is their low price. Viscose rugs are much more affordable than rugs made up of other materials. So, these hand-woven viscose rugs are worth buying if you are on a low budget. To keep in a nutshell you can give your office or house a luxurious and glamorous look in a very low budget.  Viscose handwoven rugs are a good substitute for silk or wool rugs for those who can’t afford silk or woolen carpets. 

Precautionary measures to take while using Viscose Rugs

  • Viscose rugs are made up of a very sensitive material so avoid them to use on places with larger traffic, places with a lot of visitors or places with pets. So avoid to put them on rush areas.
  • Never spill liquids on viscose hand-woven rugs. Viscose rugs should be used on places where spilled drinks can’t harm it. 
  • Avoid cleaning these rugs with water on daily bases otherwise it will lose its strength. 
  • Avoid cleaning these rugs with vinegar or acetic acid solutions because washing or cleaning them with these things will turn it yellow.
  • Always try to dry clean them. 
  • Avoid to place viscose rugs in heated areas. 
  • Always put these rugs in cold, shady and dry places.




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