Is Cable Protector Ramp Worth it?


Cable protector ramp prevents slipping hazards and shields valuable cables around the home, office, construction site, warehouse, garage, studio, and other industrial settings.

It is common for an office space that is loaded with computer and desk equipment to have numerous connector cables which can have an untidy appearance, creating all sorts of nuisance and safety risks. Cable covers offer protection for multiple wires and small cables and creates a discrete solution to conceal wires, thereby improving aesthetics and safety.

Below are a few places where installation of cable protectors has proven to be a smart choice.

Industrial uses

For industrial use, heavy-duty cable protectors that are capable of withstanding capacities of more than 12000kg are essential in protecting cables, hoses and pipes that foot or vehicular traffic would have ordinarily damaged when they are run over. These heavy-duty cable protectors are regularly seen in construction sites, mining, festivals, amusement parks, military, and other industrial settings. 3 or 5 channel cable ramps are ideal for large cables that are commonly used for industrial equipment.

Events and Festivals

Heavy-duty cable protectors also provide effective cable management solution for stage management and small festivals. Speed humps produced from 100% recycled rubber are ideal for areas with heavy foot and vehicular traffic and can withstand vehicles up to 5mph or 12000kg capacity. They are ideal for outdoor events where pedestrians and cars may be passing over cables and wires.

With 2, 3 or 5 channel cable ramps to choose from, they are perfect for the larger cables. With two highly visible colours: black and yellow, they ensure they maximise their safety purpose. The dim lighting in club and backstage makes them highly useful to prevent the potential health hazard exposed cables can pose to the public.


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