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Is investing in real estate in Belize safe or not?


A home purchase in Belize is a great way to profit from your investment and achieve your lifelong desire to own a holiday home in Belize or establish your new life as an ex-pat. Because Belize doesn’t impose any limitations on the purchase of real estate by people who are not Belizeans, a growing number of Americans are looking to conduct a study to determine the possibility of purchasing properties in Belize.

From gruesome research and hardcore analysis, we have assembled a guide that can start your research if you’re considering whether Buying Land in Belize is the right choice for you.

What are the possible downsides when buying real property in Belize?

A property purchase in Belize might seem like a dream that comes true, but potential buyers must be aware of possible negatives. A few common concerns must be kept in mind before buying, whether you are interested in a vacation paradise or some profitable resort.


In the year 2018, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was forced to act to stop the massive fraud affecting real property in Belize. The fraud alone cost consumers hundreds of millions of dollars in United States currency and extended to various real estate developments and plenty. While these kinds of scams are not common, it is vital to be vigilant throughout the day.

Natural disasters

Be aware of the dangers in the place you’re thinking of moving to, Belize, because hurricanes are common in the area. Remember to take this into account when inspecting the property to assess the quality of the construction.

Building construction standards

Inspecting a home at any time before purchasing it is crucial to ensure it’s in good working order. However, carrying out this check when purchasing overseas property is essential, as the building codes might need to align with those of the United States.

Tips on how to buy an apartment in Belize

  • Be extremely cautious. If something seems too amazing to be authentic, it is.
  • Expand your search by including the various options for real estate and areas.
  • Before you take the plunge to buy a house in Belize, it’s an excellent idea to connect with the ex-pat community in Belize and engage in conversations with the people in the neighborhood you’re thinking of.
  • Make sure your purchase is secured by hiring a seasoned real estate lawyer.
  • Don’t be compelled to decide in a hurry or under any other pressure.
  • Perform all the required checks to ensure your due diligence, for instance, verifying the lot’s or property’s boundaries and determining whether the seller participates in any ongoing legal proceedings.
  • Before signing any contract, ensure you’ve read every word of fine print.

Belize property taxes

Like everywhere else in the globe, a number of variables affect the tax rate you’ll pay. Property tax in Belize might vary depending on your residency status, as well as the property’s location and kind.

When purchasing real estate, you typically must pay a 10% stamp duty tax as well as a land tax for the acquisition of undeveloped land.

The cost of your property tax may vary depending on where in Belize you live and if you live there full-time. 


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