Kitchen Renovation Tips For Small Kitchen In Singapore


The kitchen is one of the busiest areas in the house. Unlike other common spaces, like the living room, where people will gather and lounge, there is heavier foot traffic in the kitchen. If your kitchen is tiny, you have to pray not to bump into someone while holding a boiling hot soup. But don’t worry; some HDB renovation ideas can make your tiny kitchen more spacious.

Here are some kitchen renovation tips in Singapore for small a kitchen:

1. Have open shelves

You can maximise your vertical space by installing wall-mounted open shelves. You can access items on the shelves easily. Additionally, it is less claustrophobic or gives an illusion of space than bulky cabinets.

2. Extend your upper cabinets up to the ceiling

If you have a low ceiling, you might as well maximise the space and extend your overhead cupboards until they reach the ceiling. Browse through top kitchen designs over at

However, if your ceiling is ten feet high or more, it would be useless to extend your upper cabinets since they will already be inaccessible to kitchen users. You can look for modern interior design ideas in Singapore for inspiration.

3. Drawers over cabinet

Did you know that you can store more items in drawers or pull-outs than cabinets? They are easier to organise as well and more accessible.

Installing drawers under the counter or sink is a smart move for you to increase your storage. It is a helpful home interior design tip in Singapore since you can apply it in your bedroom, bathroom, and walk-in closet for more storage.

4. Glass and mirror

One of the old tricks in home interior design books in Singapore is the use of mirrors and glass. Mirror and glass also give the illusion of space. You can use glass partitions You can use wall partitions between the kitchen and the other areas, glass doors for kitchen cabinetry, and reflective countertops.

Apply these tips during your kitchen renovation in Singapore.

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