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Living In A Location Which Caters To Every Choice 


It is said that living in a Condo in Kaset (คอนโดทำเลดีย่านเกษตร, which is the term in Thai) is good way of having a well balanced life, it is said to be a location that connects work life and leisure time. Condo u kaset-nawamin located in the middle of ladplakhao road is catching attention for it. At this location an individual can exit to 3 main roads and by 3 skytrain lines it can be reached, which are mrt pink line (ladplakhao station), mrt green line (bang bua station) and mrt brown line (khlong bang bua station).

This being a residential or commuter area for many people, the surroundings of the project have the capability of offering a full range of shopping options, bazaars, and restaurants. It is a seen as good place for people who during mornings or evenings prefer going on a walk. It is seen as a place to relax during a holiday with a close and comfortable trip. Many educational institutions such as amatyakul school, piyapong wittaya school, kasetsart university (bangkhen), sripatum university and chandrakasem Rajabhat university, etc. are in availability in this district. Education provisions for all levels, primary, secondary, university is available at this location. Various hospitals and medical facilities are in the surroundings of Condos in Kaset-Nawamin making this place convenient in times of illness. Various leading hospitals and medical facilities such as Paolo Hospital, Mayo Hospital and Vibhavadi Hospital are within the easy reach time of this region. 

Conveniently connected to Kaset-Nawamin Road, Condo U Kaset-Nawamin is a low-rise condominium on Ladplakhao road. The modern structures are built with the purpose of grabbing attractions. The construction is equivalent to the descriptions of modern lifestyle, modern designs, white tones make it look smooth, airy, and also the functionality with ambient green space seems to be capable of meeting the lifestyles and needs of every individual. The white buildings with insert green spaces are unique compared to the designs of others. The project includes a large white swimming pool with a unique design and a fitness centre with a large Grand lobby. 

The location of condo u kaset-nawamin is a place that shows the potential of responding to all lifestyles. The near skytrain, 2 expressways and the surroundings which are chic lifestyle hotbeds, are seen as a potential way to discover new inspiration every day with co-working spaces, open spaces that are capable of opening new perspectives.   


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