Reasons Why Your Septic Tank Breaks Down


Every now and then, our home’s systems and units can become faulty. Your septic tank is no different. There are many reasons why it might become erroneous, from time to a simple mistake that we made. No matter what, the problem should not be ignored. If you let the problem sit without taking action, it can lead to more detrimental consequences.

In the event of a septic tank issue, you should call in a professional to come to your aid. Capital City Septic might be the right company for you. They are fast and efficient with their services, so your home can be safe once more. If the problem is too big to be solved through a simple tune-up, they can even give you a new septic tank installation in Woodville, FL.

Buildup in the System

Sludge and surfactants are two forms of buildup that may accumulate in your septic tank:

  • Sludge is a thick, sticky material that accumulates at the bottom of the tank over time as a result of waste and debris buildup. If too much sludge collects, it might weaken the tank’s construction and cause jams or leaks.
  • Surfactants are chemical agents that help substances spread by lowering surface tension. Cleaning goods, detergents, and other chemicals that are flushed down the drain may introduce surfactants into the water supply.

Both can make it hard for you to get proper water flow and can lead to constant clogging in your drainage system.

Excessive Rainfall

A damaged septic tank might also be caused by significant rains. When the earth is damp, it can seep into and fill your septic tank, causing it to overflow and finally collapse. If left unchecked, groundwater buildup can overburden the system, causing blockages and even breakage. Furthermore, heavy rains might overflow the sewage lines linked to your tank, resulting in backups and leaks into nearby houses. Although you cannot prevent this from happening, you may take action when it does occur by contacting Capital City Septic.


A septic tank has a typical lifetime of 25 years. Any plumbing system will wear down and become blocked over time, and your septic tank is no exception. Sediment will eventually accumulate over time without regular maintenance and care, limiting its capacity and raising the likelihood of a malfunction or failure. In addition, if a blockage occurs in your septic tank, it can quickly lead to backups or spills that can contaminate local water sources.

Insufficient Installation

The most prevalent cause of failure is incorrect installation or maintenance. Because many homes lack the highly specialized equipment necessary for good septic systems, it is critical to obtain expert assistance when establishing or maintaining your tank. Capital City Septic offers significant experience and the right tools to ensure your tank is in the right place and will last you for years. They have been around for over 30 years, so they have had time to understand how a tank should be placed.

How to Prevent a Failure

While time and Mother Nature may be culprits in causing your tank to break down, there are some common errors that you could be making, too. Be mindful of what you do by using the following advice:

  • Do not dispose of grease or hot oil down your drains. When they sit, they begin to congeal and harden. This makes it hard for other types of debris to flow through your pipes.
  • Only flush waste and tissue paper down your toilet. Toss feminine hygiene products, diapers, and paper towels in the trash.
  • Get a septic tank inspection done every three to five years or any time your tank becomes full.

You can call Capital City Septic to perform your inspection. They can check the tank and the water flow through your home with both a visual and full inspection. They have been the top choice for septic system help in Tallahassee, Quincy, and Woodville, FL, since 1986, so you know you can trust them, too.

Septic tanks provide our homes with lots of benefits, so they must stay in top shape. With a little mindfulness, your system can last you for decades.


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