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Safety Precautions During Home Renovations


If you’re engaging in major home renovations, safety is likely a priority for you. The first thing to do is to make sure projects are being completed by people who are qualified and know what they are doing – so do not take on a project too big for you to handle alone. Make sure you keep these safety issues in mind as well. 

Watch Pipe Pressure

Especially if your renovation is happening in your kitchen or bathroom, you will want to pay attention to proof pressure. What is proof pressure? It’s the amount of pressure a system can safely handle. You will want the plumber involved in your renovation work to test the pressure of the system regularly along the way so you do not end up with leaky faucets or floods. 

Make a Safety Zone

It is important when construction is involved to mark what areas in the house are safe to enter into without a hard hat and what places you will want to wear safety equipment in. That way, any visitors to your home during the renovation will not risk their safety in a construction zone. This also ensures your contractors can work safely without interference. 

Ensure Correct Permits and Follow Codes

Make sure your construction is up to code by working closely with your contractors. Be sure the people working in your home have the correct licenses and good safety records. Make sure you are in touch with the town or city permitting office so you have the correct permits to do the work you are doing in your home. 

Have Good Ventilation 

When you are doing any construction, there will be a fair amount of dust as well as paint fumes, wood chips or other chemicals used in the project. Make sure you have good ventilation in construction areas so that you and your team do not breathe in too much dust. Get a few fans and make sure windows are open when they can be. 



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