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Should You Opt For Canvas Framing – Yes Or No?


Canvas is an exceedingly sturdy fabric which is generally used by the artists to paint their imagination over it. The texture of the fabric, the alluring appearance it gives to the art and the longevity of the fabric makes it a highly preferred choice of the artists. 

Canvas prints are yet another way of getting your pictures or any art you like on the canvas without painting it. The picture is printed on the extremely durable canvas fabric using the inkjet printer and once printed; the fabric is stretched in order to fit the desired size. Some people opt for getting the canvas framed while others choose otherwise.

Though canvas itself is a highly durable fabric, still framing canvas works for preserving the piece of art, or the picture for longer duration which is a great way of keeping it intact. 

When getting canvas framed, there are many framing options available such as metal frame, wooden frame and floater frame. All the options available have their own pros and cons which plays a deciding role for the people opting for framing canvas in choosing which one to go for. Generally, a wooden frame for canvas is highly preferred and chosen by the people all over the world because of its magnificently appealing look. 

There are an ample number of reasons behind why people opt for wooden frame for canvas, some of which are-

  • Wood is the most common and accepted material for frames. It has a higher alluring property than metal.
  • Wooden frames can be given an infinite variety of finishes. Embossing, carving, embellishments with paints, carving, lamination etc. all kinds of finishing options are available with wooden frames. Even if left unembellished, the natural wooden look appears incredible.
  • Assembling of wooden frames is easy.
  • Wooden frame for canvas helps in preserving it for longer durations and this applies for both, the canvas prints and the canvas painting.
  • Keeps the artwork safe from dust.
  • DIY option is also available for wooden framing as it is very easy.

Since there are so many finishing options available for wooden framing, the colour options are varied too which gives you the freedom to choose the best wood, best contrast colour of the frame for your artwork or picture and the desired finishing to the frame too. Canvas framing is definitely the right choice to keep your pictures and artwork safe and long-lasting.


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