Some more varieties of paint


Lacquer: This is of the oldest paints out there, dating all the way back to 1900’s. Owing to the popularity, this was used in pretty much everything from buildings, vehicles and furniture. However, lacquer is not as sought out as it once was because of the strenuous process. You had to repeatedly apply multiple coats and sand the layer after every application.

Regardless, lacquer also had its benefits. For instance, dirt and oil could not settle on the surface where it was applied making it durable. There are different finishes like matte, glass and resin. Matte is bereft of any shine and resin is quite heavy.

Enamel: Unlike lacquer, enamel lasts for a much longer time. Since its oil based, there are two options available. Gloss and semi-gloss. Enamel is never used as a standalone product. It has its purpose of being used post-paint in order for the paint to last longer and give it a shiny finish, making it seem lustrous!

Paint tends to deteriorate in changing weather conditions so applying about two coats of enamel will prevent wear and tear over the course of time.

Acrylic: If you’re someone who doesn’t have the luxury of time and expect a quick job, then acrylic is the way to go! They dry out very fast and come in a variety of finishes like flat, semi gloss, gloss and eggshell. It is best used in wooden surfaces and ceilings.

The gloss naturally has an incredibly shiny finish; semi gloss is partially shiny and flat is all out matte. Eggshell which sounds quite amusing is in between satin and semi gloss.

Latex: This paint has a pretty heavy consistency so it needs to be mixed with water or thinner. They are also quick at drying, making it a viable option in humid weather conditions. By adding synthetic polymers, the paint loses its sticky feature.

High heat: As the name suggests, this paint is especially customized for surfaces where heat is regularly used like the fireplace, grill, heater and such. It can handle temperatures’ as high as 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Oil-based: Oil based paint does not require multiple applications and can be finished off with a single coat which it makes it less bothersome. There is both resin and glossy finish. Some cool websites like Spray-net exterior painting allows you to upload a picture of your house online and design it virtually!


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