SPC Flooring 101 – 4 Maintenance Tips You Need To Know!


SPC flooring has become an increasingly popular choice for many landing residential units and HDB condominiums due to its lasting quality and budget-friendly appeal. Unlike other types of flooring systems, SPC flooring is water resistant and is very easy to install while providing greater insulation and soundproofing capabilities to your room.

Preparing for a new home is one of the most significant projects and investments you will have to work on until completion. Finding out how to maintain your flooring can extend its lifespan, making your investment last more.

Without further ado, here are some tips to consider for maintaining your SPC flooring:

1. Sweep regularly

Whether you have SPC flooring or timber decking, cleaning is the best form of preserving your flooring system’s condition. While it may sound too obvious or cliche but a regular cleaning, such as simple sweeping and mopping, can prevent dust build up and loose dirt. Cleaning your flooring at least once a week can be enough to maintain your indoor and outdoor flooring for good!

2. Avoid steam cleaning

Unless you’re planning to use it on your timber flooring without chemical cleaning agents, steam cleaning is not something that specialists would recommend for your SPC flooring. So, why is that? A steam cleaner does actually sanitise your flooring. However, the heat from the vapour can exceed 90 degrees, which joins with moisture. It causes both to seep through the edges of the flooring, which further weakens the adhesive bonds of the tile structure. Heat can also warp, bend and bubble the floor plank.

3. Combat every spill

It’s integral that you clean up any spillage with a damp cloth. Spillage can cause deterioration to your flooring’s condition if they are left untreated on the floor. In some cases, a permanent stain can form on your SPC HDB flooring. A damp cloth to wipe off the spill can be a sufficient solution. Ensure to rinse it afterwards before using and wiping it off on the flooring again. If there are any stubborn stains, one can find plenty of information, such as tips and other cleaning agents.

4. Reduce sunlight and heat exposure

As we have mentioned before, heat can cause significant ‘damage’ to your flooring, causing it to warp and bend. Prolonged exposure to heat brought by intense sunlight can still hurt your SPC flooring. Thus minimising the exposure by closing your curtain or adding a flooring protector can be an ideal solution.

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