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Textured Paints vs Textured Wallpaper: Which Is Better?


There is no denying that the best way to refresh your space is to decorate the bare walls and bring some drama through colours, patterns, designs and textures. If you have decided to spruce up your living space this spring by adding some textures into your walls, then you can either go for a textured wall paint or textured wallpaper. 

Which one to choose? That is the biggest dilemma in the home décor world. We have made it easier for you to decide for yourself, by comparing both on the basis of the 7 key factors that you need to consider before decorating your walls.

  • Wide range of selections 

The good news is that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to both textured paints and wallpapers. Textured paints come in all colours right from the timeless neutrals, pastels to the bold and bright hues. Depending on your taste and type of usage, you can decide whether you want to go for a matte, semi-gloss, satin or high-gloss finish. If you have decided to go for textured wallpapers, then you can choose from vinyl, foil, fabric, suede and countless other finishes. 

  • Installation 

It might seem like wallpapers are easier to install but nothing could be further from the truth. It is time-consuming and you will need a lot of patience to install wallpapers, especially if you are planning to use them throughout your house. You might have to seek professional help to ensure that the wallpaper isn’t crooked. On the other hand, you can DIY your way through using textured wall paints if you know the basics of wall painting. You will require about two days to paint a regular size room.

  • Before and Aftercare 

Though painting is easier than installing wallpaper, it requires a lot of prepping of the room. If you choose textured wallpapers, then you don’t have to worry about covering your furniture and the floors with a drop cloth or cleaning the paint stains from the floor.  

  • Cost 

While both textured paints and wallpapers are slightly on the expensive side, a textured wallpaper is more expensive as it will include labour and equipment costs. Textured paints might be a less expensive option as you can do the painting job by yourself. However, you must remember that wallpapers don’t require touch-ups every few years and they last longer.

  • Durability 

Textured paints can last up to five years; however, you might need to do some retouching after about three years as paints tend to flake and chip off. Wallpapers can last for about fifteen years if they are maintained well. However, keep in mind that wallpapers do tear off and if you don’t find the same textured wallpaper design you might have to strip the existing wallpaper and apply a new one from the scratch. 

  • Type of usage 

An important factor to keep in mind while choosing between texture paint and textured wallpaper is which room you are planning to decorate. Wallpapers are not advisable for areas that are perpetually exposed to moisture like the kitchen and bathroom. Similarly, if you feel that your kid would tear off the wallpaper, then it is recommended that you choose a playful textured wall paint over a wallpaper. Textured wallpapers are great for bedrooms, accent walls, home offices and living rooms. 

  • Removal 

Textured wallpapers are great for renters as it is easy to peel them off before you move out or to replace them with a new design. Textured paints require more commitment as if you ever get bored of the pattern or design, you will have to scrape off the existing paint, prime the wall and then apply several coats of paint over the surface.

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