The First and Last Option in Room Decoration


In the living room, it is the room where we like to get together with family or friends, to chat, watch TV. Friendly place par excellence, we like to decorate the living room according to our desires but also trends. And in terms of surface area, the small living room does not lack heat.

Sofa, armchairs, coffee table, television, shelves, sideboard

Because furnishing a small room often means making choices, ask yourself this question first: what do you do in your living room? Do you watch TV with your family or receive your friends there, do you prefer to settle there quietly to read or relax?

First: The Mistakes To Avoid In A Small Living Room

Avoid oversized furniture: corner sofas that eat up all the space, or an overflow of shelves. Walls filled with books give a feeling of oppression. In case of the CraftSide this is important for you now.

Trying to gain height in space that you do not have on the ground is not always a good idea. So beware of the tall furniture which tends to crush the room. Similarly, contrary to popular belief, a general rule when you increase your room:   painting everything white will not enlarge the space. On the contrary, the eye no longer having any cue to hang on to, the living room will appear even smaller. Put on the contrary on a nice wallpaper or a few strokes of the roller, a section of colored wall will give relief to the room.

Note: Use these wallpapers, the textures and colors will give a deceptive and perspective effect to increase the room

The perspective wallpaper collection

Create An Impression Of Space Using 3-Dimensional Wallpapers

In a reduced space, it is better to favor a refined style. Choose light furniture that lets the gaze pass, such as a woven armchair for example, light woods, natural materials, soft shades, fine fabrics and “imperatively in this case”: perspective 3D wallpapers with industrial patterns.

  • Note: In this case try to play with the white or light gray color levels

Living Room Wallpaper: Advice For A Warm Atmosphere

  • This place is a living room, therefore a place synonymous with conviviality: favor warm colors and natural materials and inspiring comfort.
  • If you also have no idea how to decorate the walls of your home, you’ve come to the right page.
  • In 10 minutes and a few lines lower you can tell yourself a true expert on wall decorations.
  • After many articles scattered here and there on the web, here is the “Ultimate Guide to Wall Decoration”.
  • A bare wall to decorate can put more anxiety on the first blank page for the writer.

With the proliferation of trends in home design and interior decoration, all the possibilities offered by the internet and the DIY that seems to be within everyone’s reach, it is easy to get lost in the question of how to make the walls of the house more beautiful.


If in the past it was enough to choose between painted wall and wallpaper, and at best to evaluate whether to hang a picture or two, now the possibilities are almost endless among prints, wall stickers, decals and 3D decorations. Every day there seems to be some news in terms of style and furniture and keeping up to date on all seems an impossible feat.


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