The key elements the measure when changing toilet seat


Need to revamp your toilet? Here’s all the privy related advice you could wish for

Toilet seats, surprisingly, for something that most likely doesn’t occupy a great deal of your thought most of the time, come in a wide array of styles. It can be important to select a toilet seat according to your specific needs and design ideals. Here are some of the factors that might weigh in your decision, explained:

  • What shape toilet seat would you like? More traditional designs tend to favour rounded ones, which can also cost less pounds and occupy a smaller space. Alternatively, a pointed and elongated seat is bulkier and pricier, but might provide greater comfort. Square or partially squared seats sit well with a modern, minimalist bathroom style
  • What material is your loo seat made from? Choose a wooden toilet, for more warmth during those winter months – yet wood can be absorbent, and is perhaps not as hard wearing or durable as man made materials. A plastic seat is cheap and malleable, and can be cleaned with a minimum of fuss. This is a strong point in its favour, yet prepare for a freezing bottom in winter. Thermoset loos retain heat a little more, as do made from resin. Choosing a resin toilet seat, could allow you to create a funky bathroom design, by embedding it with shells or beads, to add interest in a bathroom that will be used by a child
  • Perhaps most importantly, there are the design features. Does the slam of the loo seat lid drive you almost to distraction? Soft close toilet seats could be the solution you were looking for.

If you’d like a little more guidance with all things loo related, just click this link here for some handy hints.

Here’s why toilets – and toilet seats – are important

There is such a thing as the Loo of the Year awards. That’s right. It’s been found that around 14 million people in the UK find themselves unable to access appropriate toilet facilities away from home, so design features are important. A toilet can help preserve your hygiene, sense of privacy and dignity. The Loo of the Year Awards are judged based on criteria such as hygiene, whether they are eco friendly, accessible, and provide baby changing facilities. A comfortable toilet seat that is easy to sit on is fundamentally important when providing services, but also in your own home. How will your guests feel, if you can’t furnish them with a tidy, clean and fully equipped place to go?

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