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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Carpets for Your Home


If you want to add more colours, textures, and warmth to any space, one of the simplest ways is by introducing a carpet or a rug. Both options have the ability to transform any space instantly. They are available in various designs like shaggy, pile, contemporary, Persian, etc. Depending on your preferences and home design, you can choose anything you want. 

Difference between a rug and a carpet

Although both options are quite similar, they are not the same thing. The main distinction between them is in terms of size. Rugs are smaller compared to carpets. For instance, if you are placing a rug in your seating area, the furniture front legs should be on top of the border of the carpet. If there are two seating spaces, there should be two different rugs. On the other hand, a carpet is quite large and you need only one for one room. It will cover the entire area. However, another difference existed between them. Traditionally, carpets were installed on the floor and they stayed fixed. On the other hand, you could lay or remove a rug on the floor anytime you wanted. This difference no longer exists as you get many contemporary carpets that can be rolled up like a rug and removed when required. Compared to the rug size, these carpets are still quite larger. In many cases, people prefer placing a rug on top of a carpeted floor for added warmth.

Whether you opt for a rug or a carpet, when used correctly, it will enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space. If you are planning to opt for rugs or carpets, here are a few carpet design ideas you can take inspiration from:

01 of 03 Carpets for your living room 

The living room is the space where you receive all your guests. Hence, the living room design creates the first impression on your guests’ minds. When designing your living room, you should put some effort and ensure that it has all the necessary elements. The carpet is one of the essential elements that you should not miss out on. While selecting the residential carpet rochester ny, always pick a design that complements the overall decor of the room.

However, the design should not be your only focus. Since the living room receives a lot of traffic and the carpet will be used frequently, it is better to opt for a durable and sturdy carpet that will not start showing signs of damage in just a few months. Further, choosing dark coloured carpets is often a better choice for your living room because dark colours do not get dirty easily. Dirt and stains will not be visible even if the carpet has not been cleaned for some time. However, if you have a formal living room that is not used frequently, you can get a beautiful Persian carpet to add more elegance to your home decoration design

02 of 03 Mats for your entrance door 

Your home decoration design is incomplete without a mat in front of your entrance door. It is one of the places where a mat not only enhances the beauty of the space but proves to be highly functional as well. People coming from outside can rub their feet on it before entering. As a result, all the dirt and dust from the outdoors will get trapped in the mat and not spread in your house. This will help to keep the indoors cleaner. However, you must keep in mind that not all types of mats are right for your entrance door. Some mats might not be able to sustain the heavy use and will start showing signs of damage very early. Hence, it is best to choose a small fibre mat for the entrance door where people can wipe their shoes and footwear before entering your home. A thick, non-skid, and durable mat made of natural coir or jute is the best fit. 

03 of 03 Carpets for your dining room 

Just like the living room, you should opt for a carpet in your dining room as well. However, there are a few key things that have to be kept in mind when choosing carpet designs for your dining room. To begin with, you must always remember that the chances of spills are quite high when serving food in your dining room. Given the amount of oil and spices used in Indian foods, they can leave behind deep stains. If you choose a carpet that is not easily cleanable, it might get stained, and removing them will be impossible. This is why you should always opt for options that are easily cleanable and require very little maintenance. The dining room is used only for meals and the carpet should be one that can withstand food spills. Stain-resistant nylon, polypropylene and polyester are a few good options as they can be washed very easily. Further, they are quite budget-friendly as well. Also, consider choosing dark colours as stains will not be easily visible over dark colours.


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