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Things to avoid during a kitchen renovation 


There are certain things that can become a recipe for disaster along the way. As such, there are pointers to keep in mind before undertaking this grand venture. You don’t want anything to curtail the benefits of renovation. 

Aesthetics plays a key role in renovation. After all, we’re all looking to enhance the appearance of the space. When it comes to the color scheme, it’s best to play it safe with light or neutral tones like white, beige, grey, cream, etc. It’s also imperative that the colors are compatible with the appliances, so as to avoid an incongruous and unsightly clash of shades. 

If you’re hell-bent on adding a pop of color, then soft shades like blue, green or teal can be used on the backsplash. However, light shades are easy on the eyes.  

This goes without saying but kitchen renovation is best left in the hands of professionals like renovation de cuisine Renovilla who have experience to their credit. They are also responsible for pioneering new ideas and concepts for the pleasure of clients. DIY projects can often become messy down the line. You need someone with the necessary skill set, someone who can offer tips and valuable advice. 

The sink, stove, and refrigerator are the most frequented sites in a kitchen. For this reason, you will need to ensure that they are strategically placed for easy access and operation. This is often referred to as the “work triangle”. Also, we live in the age of technology where new appliances render the old ones obsolete. Look for the latest developed models to add that much-needed punch and pizzazz to your décor. 

Every room in the house has a focal point that serves as eye candy. The primary function of the focal point is to draw the attention of the viewer. It could be an art piece like a painting or an eccentric chandelier. It may also be a swanky appliance like a smart fridge. However, it’s important to note that you don’t go overboard or it’ll end up looking chaotic. 

People generally redecorate their kitchens while relegating appliances to the last. This is a major flaw in planning as it’s relatively easier to choose countertops and cabinets to accordingly fit appliances, not vice versa. Alternatively, let both purchases go hand in hand. 

Setting a fixed budget is necessary so it’s best to chart out a plan for the ongoing project. Go over the essentials, the size, and layout and distribute your finances suitably. 




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