Up-to-Date Parking Lot Signage Facts You Didn’t Know!


Understanding your parking lot signage and its significance is important for anyone who drives through your business’s parking lot. Keeping up with village, city, and state codes will ensure that your parking lot is compliant, and you will have the best parking lot in town! Not only will people feel safe parking there, but you will also feel safe knowing everything is up to date and where it should be. When you do your part, others will get the perks of a positive environment. It would be best if you got to feel good about the outside of your business. The same way you do about the inside of your business.

EnRoads Paving knows tips about signage that will help your business stand out and make your customers feel comfortable coming to your place of business. Sometimes companies think the signage just comes with the parking lot – but it is something you get to decide. When you reach out for commercial paving contractors in Oak Brook, IL, as a team, we help you make the right choices that are fit for your business!

The Importance of Signage

ADA stands for the American Disabilities Act. The signage for this must be kept up with and observed by the company to keep everyone safe at all times. EnRoads Paving has experts to perfect the signage you need, from stop, yield, and ADA compliance to anything customized you may have in mind. We are here to assist you with keeping your parking lot safe and easy to navigate. When customers have signs telling them where to go, it makes it a bit easier for them to understand and keeps traffic flowing in the correct direction. You are in control of how you send customers through your parking lot, and it is important to understand their needs.

When you trust our commercial paving contractors in Oak Brook, IL, to help navigate your parking lot, we will bring nothing but the best ideas to help you design your space. One of the most important times to include signs is during construction or if something is blocking your parking lot and you need to redirect traffic to enter your business. Keeping up with your signage standards is crucial. However, when it becomes a safety hazard, you have to consider the customers. Less is more when it comes to creating signage for your parking lot.

You want to have all the basics that make it easy to pull around and find parking but still make it known that customers are in the right place. It is up to you as the business owner to put your name out there in a positive way. Finding unique ways to create signs can be difficult at first, which is why our professionals are here to guide you through the process and pinpoint the most effective techniques. There are a variety of ways to address your signage needs based on your business. However, the process is similar, and our professionals can help you decide what you need and how to get it.

Make It Familiar for Customers

Once customers see signage, they recognize it will be easier for them to pick up besides the obvious ones like stop, yield, and arrows pointing in different directions to park. The signs can give them a sense of comfort and make your place of business somewhere they want to visit again. There is nothing worse than going somewhere for the first time and having no idea where to go because there are no proper signs.

Our commercial paving contractors in Oak Brook, IL, are here to help you notice the difference. When a customer picks up on good signage, they will start to notice it elsewhere. Make your business the one that stands out and sets a presence for all others. Work with our professionals to help you get the signage you need within your budget and that is approved by all regulation needs. Our custom ability is there to help you plan out what signs you see fit in the parking lot, what you may want to see, and what you think is important, and we combine the two ideas. Finding signs that meet your needs and the traffic laws are what we do best. You want to believe that you know what is best for your customers and allow us to help you hammer out the details!

Think about when you go to your favorite stores, a doctor’s office you have been going to for years, or the bank that is in the center of town. What signs do they all have, and what draws your attention to their parking lot? That is what EnRoads Paving can do for your parking lot too! We can discuss your wants and needs as far as the signs you envision and what we think you should include. Having proper signage catches the eye, and it is important to have just enough for drivers to notice but not too much so that it is distracting for them. You want them to look so they pull in but not have too much on your signs that it holds their attention away from the task at hand.

How Commercial Paving Contractors in Oak Brook, IL, Can Help!

Our experts have tips for why signage is one of the most vital aspects of your parking lot. There is no way around the fact that you have to consider the signs you are putting up for people to navigate their way through your parking lot. Less is more, but make them functional! People want things to be done for them, and when the signs are straight and to the point, it will give them the satisfaction of finding their way around the parking lot.

When you are thinking about what steps to take to better your parking lot, check us out at enroadspaving.com and let us know how we can help! There are many ways to improve your parking lot within your budget, all you have to do is get in touch with our commercial paving contractors, and you’ll be on the right track to a smooth parking lot! Let us help you help your customers find their way to your business better than ever before. Your signage can ensure that everyone gets to where they need to go in a timely manner. Sometimes we find ourselves driving around because the signs are wrong or there aren’t any at all!


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