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What Are The Common Swimming Pool Sizes?


Who doesn’t love to have a swimming pool outdoors? This lovely addition makes your place functional and decorative. Also, you can get a higher price if you wish to sell your home in the future. A swimming pool also lets you shed weight. You may swim in the morning or evening to burn excess fat from your body. However, deciding on the pool size stands paramount. You may want to explore common swimming pool sizes in the beginning. That should give you a better idea about an ideal pool.

Common swimming pool sizes

Many folks don’t bother about popular sizes for a pool. Most of them get carried by the designs that they see in magazines and newspapers. However, not all pools may suit your outdoor area. What if you make the wrong selection? If so, you’ll lose your money and regret your choice. It’s best to act prudently to avoid blunders later on. Here are common pool sizes that you may want to consider before making your final decision.

Standard pool sizes

When it boils down to the average size of a swimming pool, many factors need your attention. Popular aspects include concepts such as the type of pool you wish to install, the material of the pool, and the pool shape. You can go for an in-ground or an above-ground model. The choice is totally yours.

In general, the size of any pool is represented by length and width. A 2 is to 1 ratio is considered when deciding on the size. A 16-feet by 32-feet is the most popular one. It’s ideal for smaller yards. The 15 feet by 36 feet is another option to consider. If you want to have a bigger pool, you may go for the 20-feet by 40-feet pool. In case you want to make a backyard pool layout from scratch, choose pool design software for your situation.

In-ground pool sizes

These pools are cherished for their clean appearance and permanence. On average, the size of an in-ground pool depends on the material. For example, these pools come in three sizes – 16 feet by 32 feet, 18 feet by 36 feet, and 20 feet by 40 feet. However, the 16 by 32 feet is the most preferred option. Then you’ve concrete pools and fiberglass pools. A 16 by 32 feet model works best for concrete pools. For fiberglass pools, the 12 feet by 24 feet dimension looks like a better bet.

Above-ground pool sizes

These pools are easy to install because they don’t need any digging into the yard. Above-ground pools come in three sizes. The smallest size is 21 feet by 52 feet. However, the most popular dimensions are 24 feet by 52 feet.

Concluding words

A lovely pool could be the epicenter of your outdoor area. However, choosing the right design and size is the name of the game. If you make mistakes on these points, you won’t derive the desired benefits. So, get familiar with common swimming pool sizes. Also, consider your preferences when making your choice. If you explore multiple pool sizes in view of the specifics, you can easily pick the right pool for your backyard.

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