What facts must be known by your residents? 


The most common problem of any apartments and condos is pests. And the large base of residents with a varied lifestyle can make pest control tricky. But there might be a probability that your tenants are on the same page as you are. This article will enlighten you about pest and pest control services that you wish you knew before. Share this information with your tenants and help each other to solve this problem. Here is a list of things that every resident should know. 

Poor sanitation can attract pests

There are various reasons for which the pests enter your house, such as a place to spend time during the winters. Some are carried inside without knowing, and some rodents or pests enter the house since there is plenty of food and warm places to stay in. You can prevent them from getting in by checking on the sanitation of the house. Taking the trash out regularly, not keep dirty dishes in the sink for a long time, keeping food in air-tight containers, etc., can be helpful in keeping away the pests.

Bed bugs have nothing to do with cleanliness

These parasites have nothing to do with cleanliness. They can enter your house even if you are squeaky clean. They will enter and continue to live as long as you have blood in your body. 

Water attracts pests

One of the major attractions for pests is water. They can go a long way without food as long as there is a water supply. So, you not only need to be conscious of food sources but also water sources. Checking for leaky faucets and mending them, not allowing water to be stagnant on the balcony, emptying cups and bowls in the sinks, and preventing overwatering the plants can restrict the entry of pests. 

When to notify management?

It becomes hard for a property manager if the tenants do not notify them about pest infestation. This increases their growth, and they spread from one apartment to another. Later it becomes a very expensive problem to deal with. Report to the property management as soon as you catch sight of any pest. 

Summing Up

Reports should be made at the earliest, or the problem will spread. Tenants may be hesitant to inform as they might fear that they will be evicted, so it is suggested that a routine investigation should be conducted to keep an eye on such problems.


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